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Frances Slack

Dr Frances E Slack BA (Hons)

Senior Lecturer, Information Systems; Postgraduate Research Tutor, Computing


My research area is that of public access systems and self-service technologies, with a focus on HCI evaluation. In the last 10 years I have investigated self-service kiosks, public attitudes to smart cards, e-learning systems, and multi-channel customer service interactions.

I have supervised successful PhD programmes in organisational values, e-government in Egypt, open source e-learning, IS/IT sourcing, and academic staff use of e-learning systems. My current PhD students are pursuing projects on usability test design for VLEs, voice to text in the Tamil language, and a comparative study of e-learning.

Research Methods is my main teaching area and I have supervised many Masters dissertations over 20 years. I have also taught Interaction Design, Law, the Internet and Society, and Advanced Learning and Study Skills.


I have been involved in human-centred, public access based research in information and communication technologies for some 25 years. As Post-graduate Research Tutor for Computing in C3RI. I not only do research but also supervise, mentor, advise, teach, evaluate, and examine research across the subject area, including 6 research theses.

My list of publications reflects the development of my research interests from the area of my PhD in the late 1980s, to the recent publications worked on with my MSc and PhD students in areas that interest me. I also recognise the importance of peer review for the continuing quality assurance and development of research outputs. I am a regular reviewer for the Journal of Further and Higher Education, specialising in articles that cover aspects of research methods, research training and supervision, and for Internet Research, focusing on aspects of public access to Internet services and systems. I also review for the American publication Journal of Information Technology Education. For a number of years I have reviewed full conference papers and short papers for the BCS HCI conference and for the ‘minitrack’ Advances in Teaching and Learning Technologies at the Hawai'i International Conference on Systems Sciences.

A large part of my research and scholarly activity is related to PhD students and I have been Director of Studies or second supervisor on a number of supervision teams.

I use Blackboard extensively in my teaching, not least because I teach 2 distance learning modules each year. In addition, I give students access to my Twitter account and a number of them follow me. I tweet and retweet about research issues (but sometimes about public transport!). For current awareness I use ResearchGate and LinkedIn and for my interest in public access to information I use Facebook.

Public access to information; Human-computer Interaction


Department of Computing

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Information Systems

Research Skills and Principles


Journal articles

Mizzi, J., Slack, F., & Crowther, P. (2015). The Use of Online Social Networks at an Enterprise Level: To What Extent Can an Organization Ensure That Its Use of OSNs Is Carried Out Professionally. Knowledge Management: An International Journal, 15 (4), 1-13.

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Conference papers

Adshead, D., & Slack, F. (2017). EU general data protection regulation: the impact on English local authorities. In 17th European Conference on Digital Government (ECDG 2017), Proceedings, (pp. 1-9). Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited:

Islam, M.K., & Slack, F. (2016). Women in rural Bangladesh: empowered by access to mobile phones. In Bertot, J., Estevez, E., & Mellouli, S. (Eds.) ICEGOV 2016, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1 March 2016 - 3 March 2016 (pp. 75-84). New York: ACM:

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Theses / Dissertations

Gbolahan, A.T. (2019). Review of factors that influence non-elective hospital admission(s). (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Kelly, S., Slack, F., & Harrop, D.

Islam, N. (2015). Managing interactions in the e-learning environment : Technological support for academic staff. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Beer, M., & Slack, F.

Brain, A.L. (2014). Strategic customer relationship marketing andre-intermediation models in the insurance industry. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Ezepue, P., Mwitondi, K., & Slack, F.

Egwuatu, U.S. (2013). The pedagogy and practice of real estate management in Nigeria : Entrepreneurial perspectives. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Ezepue, P., Udo, G., & Slack, F.

Butler, N.P. (2012). Stay, switch or back : Evaluating the IT sourcing cycle. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Slack, F., & Walton, J.

El-Shetehy, A. (2011). E-government provision in Egypt : From citizen perspective to business readiness. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Slack, F., El-Ragal, A., & Ezepue, P.

Abdull, M.A.S. (2011). Data mining techniques and breast cancer prediction : A case study of Libya. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Ezepue, P., Mwitondi, K., & Slack, F.

Mourady, A. (2011). Open source e-learning application adoption: Medical colleges in a developing world. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Slack, F., & Beer, M.

Lauener, A. (2004). The impact of values on information systems development. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Jayaratna, N., Slack, F., & Mcauley, J.

Other publications

Armitt, G., Slack, F., Green, S., & Beer, M. (2002). The development of deep learning during a synchronous collaborative on-line course. Lawrence Erlbaum

Postgraduate supervision

Challenges of Usability Test Design for a VLE in a Developing Country

A Comparative Study of E-Learning for programming in the UK and Iran

'Mobile Learning for English Language Support'

'An Investigation into approaches to voice to text in Tamil language based on Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence'

Information Systems Development and Organisational Values. 2004

E-Government Provision in Egypt: from Citizen Perception to Business Readiness, 2011

E-learning evolution in higher education in Egypt, 2011

'Stay, switch or back - Evaluating IS/IT Sourcing Cycle', 2012

The Pedagogy and Practice of Real Estate Management in Nigeria: Entrepreneurial Perspectives, 2013

'Strategic Customer Relationship Marketing and Re-Intermediation Models in the Insurance Industry, 2014

Managing online presence in the E-Learning environment, 2015

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