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Prof Gareth Morgan


Gareth G Morgan had held academic appointments at Sheffield Hallam University since 1995 and was appointed Professor of Charity Studies in 2007. * He leads the inter-faculty Centre for Voluntary Sector Research - www.shu.ac.uk/cvsr - and is head of the core theme Ethical Organisations in the Sheffield Business School Research Institute. * He has extensive experience in voluntary and third sector research, and has held major roles in the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (UK) and the International Society for Third Sector Research. * Professor Morgan has led research projects for bodies such as the Charity Commission, ChangeUp (a Cabinet Office programme) and the CCAB as well as various individual charities and umbrella bodies. * His own specialisation is charity accounting and regulation and he has published a wide range of papers in peer-reviewed journals as summarised below and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. * He has supervised a wide range of doctoral students working on charity or third sector studies.

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