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Dr Gaurav Gupta PhD, MSc, BSc

Researcher of Manufacturing Immortality


Dr. Gaurav Gupta is working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) in the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) funded Manufacturing Immortality project in Professor Paul Bingham’s group. He has joined Sheffield Hallam University on 1st July 2020.

Gaurav holds a PhD in Physics from the Jadavpur University of Kolkata at India, where he has developed TeO2-based glass and transparent anti-glass ceramics for visible to mid-infrared photonic applications. He gained a Master’s degree in Physics from the Banaras Hindu University of Varanasi at India. He has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Physics Honours from Calcutta University, of Kolkata.

His doctoral research has focused on glass and glass-ceramics materials. He has used various methods such as DSC, Absorption & Photoluminescence spectroscopy, Raman & FTIR spectroscopy, and various modes of TEM with X-ray diffraction to explore the materials.


In the Manufacturing Immortality project, Gaurav has been studying on,  

I.          Self-Healing glass from γ-ray and X-ray damages, for the nuclear industry and deep-sea applications,

II.         Self-healing binder of Silicon-anode in the Lithium-ion battery, for the sustainable solution of the energy crisis,

III.        Self-healing glass, for day-to-day electronic device applications.

He has collaborated with the partner universities of Manufacturing Immortality project to achieve the deliverables.

Gaurav has started his career as a researcher in 2012, from Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute in Kolkata at India, as a Junior Research Fellow in the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS, India) funded project. He has worked in the development of phosphate laser glass for high-energy-high-power output for application in Inertial Confinement Fusion. Gaurav has promoted to Senior Research Fellow in the same project in 2016. He has accomplished the project titled as “Studies on low phonon glass and glass-ceramics enriched with rare earth for visible-MIR photonic applications”, which offered him the PhD degree.

The list of awards by Gaurav:

2017    Best Poster Award International Conference on Advanced Glass Science and Technology-2017, organized by International Commission on Glass Jan 23-25 2017, at CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata

2017    Best Project Presentation Organized by International Commission on Glass 2017, Three days tutorial on Advanced Glass Sciences, Jan 19-21, 2017, at CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata

2015    Best Poster Award on Materials Research Society of India (MRSI), Mumbai Chapter, 10-12th December 2015 at VNIT, Nagpur

2015    Best Poster Award on 4th Research Scholar Day, CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata 18th September 2015

Gaurav has focused on synthesis and characterization of glass and transparent anti-glass ceramic materials. His research interests encompass the thermal behaviour of glass by DSC-DTA technique. The absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic performance of lanthanide-doped materials. He has studied the local-structure of materials by Raman spectroscopy and XPS techniques. The topology, crystal-structure, and the phase-separation behaviour of nanostructured glass-ceramics via different modes of Transmission Electron Microscopy.

Specialist Areas of Interest:

- Materials Engineering

- Glass and Ceramics

- Energy Storage

- Self-Healing Materials


Current Research Projects:

New Industrial System: Manufacturing Immortality

Funded by ESPRC


Journal articles

Rautiyal, P., Gupta, G., Edge, R., Leay, L., Daubney, A., Patel, M., ... Bingham, P. (2020). Gamma irradiation-induced defects in borosilicate glasses for high-level radioactive waste immobilisation. Journal of Nuclear Materials.

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Gupta, G., Balaji, S., Biswas, K., & Annapurna, K. (2019). Enhanced luminescence at 2.88 and 2.04 μm from Ho3+/Yb3+ codoped low phonon energy TeO2–TiO2–La2O3 glass. AIP Advances, 9, 045201.

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