Geff Green

Dr Geff Green BA, PhD

Deputy Head of Department - Media Arts and Communication


Before joining the Communication Studies team at Hallamin 1997, Geff completed an Arts Foundation course, worked as a musician and performer for 5 years and taught English in Indonesia for nearly 3 years. He later studied History of Art Design and Film, developing an interest in the potentialities of multimedia and the early World Wide Web. He went on to design, programme and maintain professional multimedia applications, as a freelancer, eventually joining Epic Media Group PLC in Brighton. His PhD examined the birth of modern forms of tourist art in the contact zones of colonial Bali with a special emphasis on the mythology and contested discourse surrounding Colonial artist Walter Spies.


My current role is Deputy Head of Department (DHoD) in Media Arts and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). Prior to this, a significant part of my work was six years as the College International Business Developer for South East Asia, working on recruiting students and developing academic and commercial links between Sheffield Hallam University and institutions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and India. 

Since joining SHU, I have taught Communication and Online Journalism at Masters level, delivered through DL and blended learning. I have taught Visual Communication, Multimedia and Communication Design and Research Methods to undergraduate students. My teaching has focused on postgraduate students over the last few years, especially PhD and Masters dissertations, ranging quite broadly from aspects of Corporate Communications to Art and Design Theory and Practice. 

In 2015, I achieved the SHU Inspirational Research Supervisor Award and in 2016, gained Senior Fellowship of FHEA. My research has developed from focusing on 20th Century colonial/post-colonial cultural history in the Malay/Indonesian world, to more recently working with Burmese Karen refugees in Sheffield. This latest research looks at various aspects of their communication practices and identity construction as a displaced community both locally, and in diaspora. 

I still maintain creative practice in the realms of digital photography, photo montage and musical composition and see the continuation of creative practice as crucial to maintaining the creative capacity to cross boundaries in terms of theoretical and interdisciplinary thinking in research. The musical and sonic aspects of my work is increasingly playing a part in the development of my current research work. 


Department of Media Arts and Communication

College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Green, G., & Lockley, E. (2012). Communication practices of the Karen in Sheffield: Seeking to navigate their three zones of displacement. Asian Journal of Communication, 22 (6), 566-583.

Green, G. (2005). The significance of Island of Demons and Kriss: The Bali sub-genre of the South-Seas Films, their primitivist discourse and tropicalist fantasy. Asian Cinema, 16 (1), 46-70.

Conference papers

Green, G., & Lockley, E. (2013). From bullets to blogs : how the Karen of Sheffield had their new ‘weapons’ turned against them. In Intersectional Conflict and Dialogue in Transnational Migrant and Digital Diaspora Networks, Hull, UK, 11 April 2013 - 12 April 2013.

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Book chapters

Green, G. (2016). From bulletins to bullets to blogs and beyond: The Karen’s ongoing communication war. In Karatzogianni, A., Nguyen, D., & Serafinelli, E. (Eds.) The digital transformation of the public sphere: conflict, migration, crisis and culture in digital networks. (pp. 61-82). London: Palgrave Macmillan:

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Theses / Dissertations

Al-Ismaili, A. (2019). Interpreting the Traditional Jewellery of Bedouin in Oman through Contemporary Jewellery Practice. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by O'Dubhghaill, C., Hanson, M., & Green, G.

Dolah, M.S. (2014). How many designers create furniture that allows meaningful place-making in modern office. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Green, G.

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Green, G. (2017). Art, Technology and Ideation. Presented at: The 5th International Conference for Asia Pacific Arts Studies (ICAPAS), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2017

Lockley, E., & Green, G. (2012). Surveillance without borders : the case of Karen refugees in Sheffield. Presented at: 5th Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference "Watch This Space: Surveillance Futures", Sheffield, UK

Postgraduate supervision

Kurniawan Saputro: From Collective Attention to Collective Action: Engaged Audiences in the Mediated Disaster of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia 2010
Constantius Tri Handoko: Tattoos amongst the Underground Musician and Fans in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Susanna Hoebes: Public Relations: Rhetorical and Critical Approaches in Nation Branding - Namibian Perspective
Mohd Shahrizal Dolah: How May Designers Create Furniture that Allows Meaningful Place-Making in Modern Offices?
Ghayda Aljuwaiser: Saudi Women Online Practices

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