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Dr Hannah Bartholomew


Hannah is interested in exploring equity issues within mathematics education, an area which doesn't always feel that these concerns sit very comfortably within the mathematics education community as a whole; at times she has caught herself looking longingly outward towards sociology of education, or feeling that she straddles the two disciplines but doesn't have a true home in neither. It is very refreshing for her to have found a forum within mathematics education which allows her to develop her own research interests in such a friendly, safe and supportive setting.

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    Emma is a newcomer to the Critical Mathematics Education Group, she had heard about it a while before she ever went along to a meeting. Despite being keen to get involved she had neither the time nor the energy for much else - particularly if it demanded such an early start! - while in the final throes of writing up a PhD. When she did finally make it to a meeting her incredulity at having to get herself to Sheffield for 10am on a Saturday was replaced, as soon as shearrived, by a feeling of being welcomed into a group of people who shared her concern with social justice issues in mathematics education, who often had similar uncertainties and insecurities about being a researcher and who had a real interest in each others' ideas and in developing and moving forward together. It felt a very comfortable group to be a part of.

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