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Helen Donaghue

Helen Donaghue PhD, MSc, MA, RSA Dip. TEFLA

Senior Lecturer

  • About

    I have worked for over twenty years as an English language teacher and teacher trainer in Hungary, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. I also ran a Centre for Teaching and Learning at a tertiary institution for 4 years where my main duties were teacher support, professional development, teacher training/education and curriculum and test development. I am particularly interested in teacher education, pragmatics and language testing.

  • Teaching

    Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion

    Social Sciences and Humanities

    TESOL teacher education
    English for academic purposes

  • Publications

    DONAGHUE, Helen (2018). Relational work and identity negotiation in critical post observation teacher feedback. Journal of Pragmatics, 135 (Oct 18), 101-116.

    DONAGHUE, Helen and OXHOLM, Alice (2017). Engaging student teachers in reflection through micro teaching and interaction. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, 6 (2), 145-164.

    DONAGHUE, Helen (2015). Changing practice and enabling development: the impact of technology on teaching and language teacher education in UAE federal institutions. In: FARRELL, Thomas S.C., (ed.) International perspectives on language teacher education: innovations from the field. International prespectives on English language teaching . Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 142-159.

    DONAGHUE, Helen (2014). Differences between supervisors' espoused feedback styles and their discourse in post observation meetings. In: HOWARD, Amanda and DONAGHUE, Helen, (eds.) Teacher Evaluation in Second Language Education. London, Bloomsbury Academic, 117-134.

    HOWARD, Amanda and DONAGHUE, Helen, eds. (2014). Teacher evaluation in second language education. London, Bloomsbury Academic.

    DONAGHUE, H and THOMPSON, J. 2014. Talking about reading: Students’ perspectives. In Emery, H & Moore, N. (eds) Teaching, Learning and Researching Reading in EFL. Dubai: TESOL Arabia

    HOWARD, A, DONAGHUE, H. and BURKE, L (eds), 2013. Participant Voices: Observation in Educational Settings. Abu Dhabi: HCT Press

    DONAGHUE, H and DOLCI, I. 2013 Professional teaching portfolios. Perspectives 21 (2), 13-17

    DONAGHUE, H, LANGE, M. and SCOTT, R. 2013. Reflecting on Mobile Learning: A Community of Practice Approach. In Dowling, S, Donaghue, H. Gunn, C. Hayhoe S, & Raven, J (eds.), eLearning in Action, “Redefining Learning”, HCT Educational Technology Series, Book 2.Abu Dhabi: HCT Press.

    DONAGHUE, H. and THOMPSON, J. 2012. A reading model for foundation year students at a tertiary institution in the United Arab Emirates. Research Notes. 49, 40-45

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    DONAGHUE, H. 2003. An instrument to elicit teachers’ beliefs and assumptions. ELT Journal Volume 57, Issue 4.

    DONAGHUE, H and POTTEN, H. 2000. Clockwise Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Pack, Oxford University Press: Oxford

    POTTEN, H and DONAGHUE, H. Clockwise Pre Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Pack, Oxford University Press: Oxford

    Invited Talks

    2016 Identity in post observation feedback. Octavo Coloquio International sobre Investigacion en Lenguas Extranjeras. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, June 1-3, 2016

    2013 The co-construction of face and identity in post-observation feedback meetings. Current Trends in Teacher Education International Conference, May 16-17 2013, British University in Dubai

    2011 DONAGHUE, H and THOMPSON, J. A model for teaching and assessing reading skills. 22 November 2011.UNESCO Chair in Applied Research in Education Seminar Series, Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology

    Conference Presentations

    2015 Post observation feedback: The influence of identity and face. BAAL Annual Meeting 2015, 3-5 September, 2015, Birmingham, UK

    2014 How supervisors and teachers co-construct and negotiate face threat through interaction in post observation meetings. AILA 2014 World Congress, Brisbane, Australia 10-15 August

    2014 ELT supervisors' espoused feedback style and talk in post observation meetings. Part of a featured symposium: Observation and Feedback: Practice, Talk and Reflection. AILA 2014 World Congress, Brisbane, Australia 10-15 August

    2014 Using verbal reporting to find out how students read 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference, 2-5 April, 2014, Harrogate UK

    2013 DONAGHUE, H, LANGE, M and SCOTT, R. Reflecting on iPads: A Community of Practice approach. eLearning in Action conference, April 2, Sharjah HCT

    2012 What I say and what I do: Supervisory feedback discourse. Observation and Feedback: Research and Practice International Conference, May 17-18, British University in Dubai

    2012 GITSAKI, C. and DONAGHUE, H. Classroom Management Strategies: A Teacher Professional Development Program. 4th Annual Teacher Leadership Academy, May 10, HCT Dubai

    2011 DONAGHUE, H and THOMPSON, J. The use of CEFR descriptors in creating of a reading course. First Biennial Higher Colleges of Technology – Cambridge ESOL CEFR Conference, October 20-21, Dubai Men’s College

    2011 Mitigation in observation feedback. Observation and Feedback: The Way Forward International Conference, May 19-20, British University in Dubai

    2011 DONAGHUE, H. and GITSAKI, C. Teacher development through a Community of Practice. 17th International TESOL Arabia Conference, March 10th-12th, JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

    2010 DONAGHUE, H and THOMPSON, J. The use of verbal reporting to explore cognitive validity in reading tests. Current Trends in English Language Testing (CTELT) Conference, November 4, HCT, Dubai

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