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Helen Fisher

Research Associate


I’m a researcher and designer working within Lab4Living, an interdisciplinary research cluster. My research centres on working with people to develop products, services and interventions that improve quality of life. 

I specialise in design for dementia, bereavement and end of life and have a broader background of projects in health and wellbeing. I am particularly interested in developing creative research methods that enable conversations. 


Marie Curie - Design to Care Programme; EPSRC Enabling Ongoingness; Journeying Through Dementia 


Journal articles

Nakarada-Kordic, I., Reay, S., Craig, C., Collier, G., Khoo, C., Fisher, H., & Kayes, N. (2021). Identifying challenges and co-imagining futures for a design for health network. Design for Health.

Craig, C., Wallace, J., Montague, K., Koulidou, N., Fisher, H., Carvalho, L., ... South, J. (2021). Development of an ethical roadmap. Design for Health, 5 (1), 140-160.

Wallace, J., Duncan, T., Lawson, S., Trueman, J., Montague, K., Carvalho, L., ... Koulidou, K. (2020). Design research to support ongoingness. Bereavement Care, 39 (2), 88-92.

Conference papers

Craig, C., & Fisher, H. (2020). Journeying through Dementia: the story of a 14 year design-led research enquiry. In Christer, K., Craig, C., & Chamberlain, P. (Eds.) Design4Health, Amsterdam, 1 July 2020 - 3 July 2020 (pp. 105-117). Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University:

Wallace, J., Montague, K., Duncan, T., Carvalho, L., Koulidou, N., Mahoney, J., ... Fisher, H. (2020). ReFind: design, lived experience and ongoingness in bereavement. In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’20). New York: Association for Computing Machinery:

Fisher, H., Craig, C., & Chamberlain, P. (2019). Life Cafe - A co-designed method of engagement. The design journal: Proceedings of the 13th EAD conference University of Dundee, 10-12 April 2019, 22 (sup1), 445-461.

Wallace, J., Koulidou, N., Duncan, T., Lawson, S., Trueman, J., Craig, C., ... Welsh, D. (2019). Blueprints physical to digital: curation of media to support ongoingness. Proceedings of the 4th biennial research through design conference 19-22 March 2019, (Art 31), 1-16.

Craig, C., Chamberlain, P., & Fisher, H. (2018). What do Life Cafes tell us about dying and end of life care. Design4Health: Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Design4health.


Barclay, S., Clarkson, J., Craig, C., Chamberlain, P., & Fisher, H. (2020). Marie Curie Design to Care: Phase 1 Final Report. Marie Curie.


Reay, S., Craig, C., Fisher, H., Khoo, C., Nakarada-Kordic, I., Collier, G., ... Zino, I. (2020). Little Red. [Pen and ink].


Craig, C., Fisher, H., & Chamberlain, P. (2019). Life Cafe. [Various: photographs, artefacts, written text].

Craig, C., & Fisher, H. (2019). Journeying Through Dementia. [Various: photographs, artefacts, written].


Craig, C., Fisher, H., & Smith, S. (2018). The politics of participation. Presented at: Design4Health2018 Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, 2018

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