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Jamila Hussain

Jamila Hussain

Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education


Jamila is Senior Lecturer in Primary PG in the Department of Teacher Education in the College of Social Sciences and Arts.


Journal articles

Mahaut-Smith, M.P., Thomas, D., Higham, A.B., Usher-Smith, J.A., Hussain, J.F., Martinez-Pinna, J., ... Mason, M.J. (2003). Properties of the demarcation membrane system in living rat megakaryocytes. Biophysical journal, 84 (4), 2646-2654.

Mason, M.J., Hussain, J.F., & Mahaut-Smith, M.P. (2000). A novel role for membrane potential in the modulation of intracellular Ca2+ oscillations in rat megakaryocytes. The Journal of physiology, 524 Pt 2, 437-446.

Mahaut-Smith, M.P., Hussain, J.F., & Mason, M.J. (1999). Depolarization-evoked Ca2+ release in a non-excitable cell, the rat megakaryocyte. The Journal of physiology, 515 ( Pt 2), 385-390.

Hussain, J.F., & Mahaut-Smith, M.P. (1999). Reversible and irreversible intracellular Ca2+ spiking in single isolated human platelets. The Journal of physiology, 514 ( Pt 3), 713-718.

Hussain, J.F., & Mahaut-Smith, M.P. (1998). ADP and inositol trisphosphate evoke oscillations of a monovalent cation conductance in rat megakaryocytes. The Journal of physiology, 511 ( Pt 3), 791-801.

Pinthong, D., Hussain, J.F., Kendall, D.A., & Wilson, V.G. (1995). Comparison of the interaction of agmatine and crude methanolic extracts of bovine lung and brain with alpha 2-adrenoceptor binding sites. British journal of pharmacology, 115 (4), 689-695.

Singh, G., Hussain, J.F., MacKinnon, A., Brown, C.M., Kendall, D.A., & Wilson, V.G. (1995). Evidence for the presence of a non-catecholamine, clonidine-displacing substance in crude, methanolic extracts of bovine brain and lung. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology, 351 (1), 17-26.

Hussain, J.F., Kendall, D.A., & Wilson, V.G. (1993). Species-selective binding of [3H]-idazoxan to alpha 2-adrenoceptors and non-adrenoceptor, imidazoline binding sites in the central nervous system. British journal of pharmacology, 109 (3), 831-837.

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