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Jane Bartholomew

Jane Bartholomew BA (Hons), PGCE

Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Primary Education


Before entering higher education, I spent fifteen years as a primary teacher in Rotherham and in Sheffield. During this time, I worked with a team of colleagues to develop 'learning to learn' approaches to teaching and learning in Sheffield schools.

  • About

    As part of my role, I collaborated with a number of schools and with North Sheffield EAZ, providing support and sharing practice in the area of skills-based learning and teaching. As a Primary school teacher, I also worked with colleagues and pupils to develop coaching, gaining a certificate in pupil coaching from Newcastle College.

    Since entering higher education, I have worked on a project to produce coaching resources which are now used to help trainees and mentors develop their coaching skills. I have also worked with colleagues to include enquiry based learning on the courses.

    As leader of the first year of the BA course and of a third year module, I liaise with students, staff and outside agencies to develop teaching and learning.

    I am particularly interested in how teachers can promote effective learners through focussing on attitudes and cross-curricular skills.

    I also have a particular interest in Art and Design and teach this on our courses. Having completed an Art Foundation course, I use my knowledge and experience with the aim of developing techniques and inclusive approaches which can support creativity and learning across the curriculum.

  • Teaching

    Department of Teacher Education

    Development and Society

  • Publications

    Co-ordinated the production of Building Learning Power in Sheffield Schools: a resource file to support the development of learning skills (Sheffield City Council 2005)

    Contributed to Building Learning Power in Action (TLO Ltd 2005).


    Bartholomew, J., (2014) Learning to Learn in Burnett, C and Owen, D. (Eds) Getting into Primary teaching. Critical Publishing

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