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jeff breckon

Dr Jeff Breckon



Jeff's main area of expertise and activity is in the clinical application of behaviour change counselling using integrative therapies such as MI-CBT. He has been a practitioner since starting in the NHS in 1992 and has developed an international reputation for the design, training and application of behaviour change interventions using this approach across a range of clinical and community settings.

  • About

    He has provided consultancy and training programmes in behaviour change interventions for health professionals and delivered this to over 2000 practitioners and commissioners in the last six years, across Europe and North America. Jeff has published and presented internationally on behaviour change approaches and was one of the first to promote the use of treatment fidelity for physical activity counselling (Breckon et al., 2008). 

    His most recent work has been the analysis of over 90 clinical studies having developed behaviour change taxonomy with a colleague in the US as well as international collaborations winning research funding with colleagues at La Trobe University in Australia. He has delivered the Training New Trainers (TNT) programme for the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) in Sitges, 2009 and Krakow, 2013.

    Jeff has developed a Training Trainers in Health Behaviour Change programme for those health professionals working in childhood health, cystic fibrosis, sexual health, mental health and lifestyle interventions (PA and diet change). His current research and consultancy has generated over £2m in the last 7 years and includes the development of online training and interventions to promote health behaviour change.

  • Teaching

    Health And Wellbeing

  • Research

    • Centre for Sports Engineering Research

    Jeff's international collaborations in the last two years include Dr Sylvie Naar-King (University of Michigan, USA), Dr Paul O’Halloran (La Trobe University, Australia), Dr Tom Barth (University of Trondheim, Norway), Dr Steve Cole (Stoney Brook University, USA), Christina Nasholm (Sweden), Rob D’Hondt (Netherlands). He has visiting lectureships at two international and two UK universities.

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    BRECKON, Jeff (2015). 'Motivational Interviewing to promote physical activity and nutrition behaviour change'. In: ANDERSON, M, HANRAHAN, S (Eds) Doing Exercise Psychology. Human Kinetics, Champaign, Ill.

    BRECKON, Jeff (2014). 'Understanding behaviour change: The role of motivational interviewing'. Rhuematology, 53(1), I94. April 2014.

    NAAR-KING, Sylvie, EARNSHAW, Paul, BRECKON, Jeff (2013). 'Towards a Universal Maintenance Intervention: Integrating Motivational Interviewing with Cognitive-Behavioural Strategies for Maintenance of Behaviour Change'. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 27(2), pp.126-137.

    HUTCHINSON, A, BRECKON, JEFF (2011). 'A scoping exercise and review of the evidence base for telephone coaching services for people with long-term conditions'. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 00, 1-8.

    JOHNSTON, LH, BRECKON, Jeff, HUTCHISON, A (2009). 'Influencing Health Behaviour: Applying Theory to Practice'. In: DUGDILL, Lindsey, CRONE, Diane, MURPHY, Rebecca (Eds) Physical Activity and Health Promotion, pp. 21-38, Oxford: Blackwell.

  • Media

    Jeff is a reader in exercise psychology and specialises in physical activity and diet behaviour change in sedentary individuals. He has over 18 years' clinical experience in working with people with illnesses and disease ranging from obesity and diabetes to cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Jeff delivers training on behaviour change counselling and communication to health and physical activity professionals across the world. He has published and presented internationally on the use of behaviour change counselling to promote lifestyle change.

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