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Dr Jennifer Drabble

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Dr Jennifer Drabble CPsychol, PhD, PGCert LTHE, MSc Forensic Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology, FHEA.

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology


My current role is as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology. I teach on Forensic Psychology modules at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, and supervise PhD students in Forensic Psychology.

My research interests are primarily around mental health, with a particular focus on self-harm and personality disorders.


I hold a BSc (Hons) Psychology and a MSc in Forensic Psychology, both from Sheffield Hallam University. I completed my PhD (also at Sheffield Hallam University) in 2016, which focused on mediators and moderators of self-harm and borderline personality disorder. I then joined the Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics at Sheffield Hallam University as a member of staff in 2016.

My current role is as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology. I teach on Forensic Psychology modules at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, and supervise PhD students in Forensic Psychology.

I am a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, a General Member of the BPS Division of Forensic Psychology, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am the Communication Lead for the Forensic and Investigative Research group (FaIR) and a Core Member of the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network.

Senior Lecturer

  • Mental Health;
  • Investigative Psychology;
  • Hate Crime;
  • Cybercrime. 


Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

College of Social Sciences and Arts


  • BSC (Hons) Psychology;
  • BSC (Hons) Criminology and Psychology;
  • MSc Forensic Psychology.


  • Quantitative Research Methods;
  • Legal and Criminal Justice.


  • Witnesses and Victims: Forensic Psychology in Practice;
  • Forensic Mental Health


  • South Yorkshire Police;
  • In2Change;
  • Pearson Education.


Journal articles

Akram, U., & Drabble, J. (2022). Mental health memes: beneficial or aversive in relation to psychiatric symptoms? Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 9 (1).

Akram, U., Irvine, K., Allen, S., Stevenson, J., Ellis, J., & Drabble, J. (2021). Internet Memes Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Potential Coping Mechanism for Anxiety. Scientific Reports.

Gardner, K., Jabs, N.-.M., Drabble, J., & Akram, U. (2021). Humour styles influence the perception of depression-related internet memes in depression. Humor: international journal of humor research.

Akram, U., Ellis, J., Cau, G., Hershaw, F., Rajenthran, A.A., Lowe, M., ... Drabble, J. (2021). Eye tracking and attentional bias for depressive internet memes in depression. Experimental Brain Research, 239, 575-581.

Akram, U., Ypsilanti, A., Gardani, M., Irvine, K., Allen, S., Akram, A., ... Lazuras, L. (2020). Prevalence and psychiatric correlates of suicidal ideation in UK university students. Journal of Affective Disorders, 272, 191-197.

Akram, U., Gardani, M., Irvine, K., Allen, S., Ypsilanti, A., Lazuras, L., ... Akram, A. (2020). Emotion dysregulation mediates the relationship between nightmares and psychotic experiences: Results from a student population. npj Schizophrenia, 6, 15.

Akram, U., Drabble, J., Cau, G., Hershaw, F., Ashileen, R., Loew, M., ... Ellis, J. (2020). Exploratory Study On The Role Of Emotion Regulation In Perceived Valence, Humour, And Beneficial Use Of Depressive Internet Memes In Depression. Scientific Reports, 10.

Kyriakidou, M., Dekens, K., Coleman, C., Drabble, J., Adlard, J., & Ramdehal, A. (2019). Initial report: Forensic interviewers' and interpreters' attitudes regarding their collaboration during investigative interviews of children. Report Sheffield Hallam University.

Akram, U., Ypsilanti, A., Drabble, J., & Lazuras, L. (2019). The role of physical and behavioural self-disgust in relation to insomnia and suicidal ideation. Journal of clinical sleep medicine, 15 (3), 525-527.

Drabble, J., Bowles, D., & Barker, L.A. (2014). Investigating the role of executive attentional control to self-harm in a non-clinical cohort with borderline personality features. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 8 (274).

Bowles, D.P., Armitage, C.J., Drabble, J., & Meyer, B. (2013). Self-esteem and other-esteem in college students with borderline and avoidant personality disorder features: An experimental vignette study. Personality and Mental Health, 7 (4), 307-319.

Conference papers

Kyriakidou, M., Dekens, K., Coleman, C., Drabble, J., Ramdehal, J., & Tsaeras, A. (2019). Misinterpreted testimonies: An educational video for interviewers’ and interpreters’ collaboration when interviewing children. (abstract only). In International Investigative Interviewing Research Group, Norwegian Police University, 26 June 2019 - 28 June 2019.

Theses / Dissertations

Drabble, J.D. (2016). Mediators and moderators of self-injurious behaviours and borderline personality disorder. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Bowles, D., Barker, L., & Arden, M.


Wefers, S., Gerard, F.J., Whitfield, K., & Drabble, J. (2019). Offender Characteristics associated with Transnational Child Sex Offending: A Systematic Review. Presented at: National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers International Conference, Belfast, UK

Other activities

I serve on the editorial board for Psychreg Journal of Psychology (hhtps://

Postgraduate supervision

Oliver Merry - Child Grooming: Predicting level of risk to prioritise offenders.

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