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Dr. Joanna Reynolds FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Sociology


I am a researcher and lecturer in public health and social science.


I teach on the MSc Public Health and BA Sociology and have experience teaching public health methods and principles to a range of students.

I have particular interest in teaching research methods and currently lead the dissertation module on the MSc Public Health. My research interests are varied, falling under the broad heading of 'critical' public health.

My current areas of research include: community empowerment, community engagement and involvement in policy and decision-making, and alcohol policy.

My broader research experience also includes: the social determinants of health, health inequalities, evaluation methods for 'complex interventions', and global health issues including malaria and anti-microbial resistance. I am also a keen qualitative methodologist, and reflecting my disciplinary background in anthropology, I have interests in applications of ethnography in health and policy research.


Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

Social Sciences and Arts

Public Health and Sociology

MSc Public Health; BA Sociology


Key Publications

Reynolds, J. (2018). Boundary work: understanding enactments of ‘community’ in an area-based, empowerment initiative. Critical Public Health, 28 (2), 201-212.

Reynolds, J., Milton, S., & Garnett, E. (2018). Ethnographies and health: Reflections on empirical and methodological entanglements.

Reynolds, J. (2017). ‘Missing out’: Reflections on the positioning of ethnographic research within an evaluative framing. Ethnography, 18 (3), 345-365.

Reynolds, J., DiLiberto, D., Mangham-Jefferies, L., Ansah, E.K., Lal, S., Mbakilwa, H., ... Chandler, C.I.R. (2014). The practice of 'doing' evaluation: Lessons learned from nine complex intervention trials in action. Implementation Science, 9 (1), 75.

Reynolds, J., Egan, M., Renedo, A., & Petticrew, M. (2015). Conceptualising the 'community' as a recipient of money - A critical literature review, and implications for health and inequalities. Social Science and Medicine, 143, 88-97.

Thompson, C., & Reynolds, J. (2018). Reflections on the go-along: how “disruptions” can illuminate the relationships of health, place and practice. Geographical Journal.

Reynolds, J., McGrath, M., Engen, J., PashmI, G., Andrews, M., Lim, J., & Lock, K. (2018). Processes, practices and influence: a mixed methods study of public health contributions to alcohol licensing in local government. BMC Public Health, 18, 1385.

Reynolds, J., & Lewis, S. (2019). Ethnography and evaluation: temporalities of complex systems and methodological complexity. Anthropology and Medicine, 1-16.

Reynolds, J., McGrath, M., Engen, J., Pashmi, G., Andrews, M., Sharpe, C., ... Lock, K. (2018). 'A true partner around the table?' Perceptions of how to strengthen public health's contributions to the alcohol licensing process. Journal of public health.

McGrath, M., Reynolds, J., Smolar, M., Hare, S., Ogden, M., Popay, J., ... Egan, M. (2019). Identifying opportunities for engaging the ‘community’ in local alcohol decision-making: a literature review and synthesis. International Journal of Drug Policy, 74, 193-204.

Reynolds, J., & Claire, W. (2020). Accessibility of ‘essential’ alcohol in the time of COVID-19: casting light on the blind spots of licensing? Drug and Alcohol Review.

Reynolds, J., McGrath, M., Halliday, E., Ogden, M., Hare, S., Smolar, M., ... Egan, M. (2020). ‘The opportunity to have their say’? Identifying mechanisms of community engagement in local alcohol decision-making. International Journal of Drug Policy, 85.

Reynolds, J., & Beresford, R. (2020). “An Active, Productive Life”: Narratives of, and Through, Participation in Public and Patient Involvement in Health Research. Qualitative Health Research.

Journal articles

Reynolds, J., Ogden, M., & Beresford, R. (2021). Conceptualising and constructing ‘diversity’ through experiences of public and patient involvement in health research. Research Involvement and Engagement, 7.

Reynolds, J., Ogden, M., & Beresford, R. (2021). Conceptualising and constructing 'diversity' through experiences of public and patient involvement in health research. Res Involv Engagem, 7 (1), 53.

Goettke, E., & Reynolds, J. (2019). "It's all interconnected… like a spider web": a qualitative study of the meanings of food and healthy eating in an Indigenous community. Int J Circumpolar Health, 78 (1), 1648969.

Chandler, C.I.R., Burchett, H., Boyle, L., Achonduh, O., Mbonye, A., Diliberto, D., ... Whitty, C.J.M. (2016). Examining intervention design: Lessons from the development of eight related malaria health care intervention studies. Health Systems and Reform, 2 (4), 373-388.

Ansbro, É.M., Gill, M.M., Reynolds, J., Shelley, K.D., Strasser, S., Sripipatana, T., ... Mabey, D. (2015). Introduction of syphilis point-of-care tests, from pilot study to national programme implementation in Zambia: A qualitative study of healthcare workers' perspectives on testing, training and quality assurance. PLoS ONE, 10 (6), e0127728.

Mangesho, P.E., Reynolds, J., Lemnge, M., Vestergaard, L.S., & Chandler, C.I.R. (2014). "Every drug goes to treat its own disease..." - a qualitative study of perceptions and experiences of taking anti-retrovirals concomitantly with anti-malarials among those affected by HIV and malaria in Tanzania. Malaria Journal, 13 (1), 491.

Ansah, E.K., Reynolds, J., Akanpigbiam, S., Whitty, C.J.M., & Chandler, C.I.R. (2013). "Even if the test result is negative, they should be able to tell us what is wrong with us": a qualitative study of patient expectations of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria. Malaria Journal, 12 (1), 258.

Reynolds, J., Wood, M., Mikhail, A., Ahmad, T., Karimullah, K., Motahed, M., ... Leslie, T. (2013). Malaria "diagnosis" and diagnostics in afghanistan. Qualitative Health Research, 23 (5), 579-591.

Reynolds, J., & Wills, J. (2012). Workplace health improvement: Perspectives of environmental health officers. Occupational Medicine, 62 (1), 17-22.

Reynolds, J., Kizito, J., Ezumah, N., Mangesho, P., Allen, E., & Chandler, C. (2011). Quality assurance of qualitative research: a review of the discourse. Health Research Policy and Systems, 9 (1), 43.

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Reynolds, J., & Crichton, N. (2007). The implications of distinguishing research from anything. Critical Public Health, 17 (4), 289-292.

Book chapters

Reynolds, J., Milton, S., & Garnett, E. (2018). Introduction: Entangling Ethnography and Health. In Garnett, E., REYNOLDS, J., & Milton, S. (Eds.) Ethnographies and Health Reflections on Empirical and Methodological Entanglements. (pp. 1-17). Palgrave Macmillan

Reynolds, J. (2018). Ethnographic encounters with the 'community': Implications for considering scale in public health evaluation. In Ethnographies and Health: Reflections on Empirical and Methodological Entanglements. (pp. 195-212).

Wills, J., Reynolds, J., & Swanwick, T. (2016). Public health and general practice education. In Health Promotion in Medical Education: From Rhetoric to Action. (pp. 139-144).


Reynolds, J., Ogden, M., & Beresford, R. (2021). "Something quite special"? Understanding PPI experiences over time, and in the context of health research systems. Sheffield Hallam University.

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