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John Singleton

Professor John Singleton PhD, MA, MSc, BD

Professor of Economic and Business History


I have been at Sheffield Hallam since 2011. I did my undergraduate degree and PhD at Lancaster University in the 1980s. Between 1993 and 2010 I lived in New Zealand and worked at Victoria University of Wellington.


I have degrees from the University of Lancaster (BA, PhD), the London School of Economics (MSc) and the University of Edinburgh (BD). My PhD thesis was on the decline of the Lancashire cotton industry in the mid twentieth century and I published extensively on that topic including a monograph Lancashire on the Scrapheap (Oxford University Press, 1991). While in Wellington I worked on aspects of economic relations between the UK and New Zealand, and published commissioned histories of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Audit Office. My most recent book is Central Banking in the Twentieth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2011). My next book, Economic and Natural Disasters since 1900, will be published by Edward Elgar Ltd in 2016.

Economic history of disasters including financial crashes and instability; business and political history of the financial sector in Britain.


Department of Humanities

College of Social Sciences and Arts


BA History

Industrial Warfare and the Great War, The City of London and the British Economy since 1870, Britain and America in the Interwar Years, The Historian and Research, Digital History


The Labour Party and the financial sector in the 1970s

James Reveley, University of Wollongong


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Conference papers

Surkan, A.J., & Singleton, J.C. (1992). Neural networks as bond rating tools. Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Science, 4, 499-503.

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Book chapters

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Theses / Dissertations

Boulter, R. (2017). The Steel City and the Iron Lady, 1979-85. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Petersson, N., & Singleton, J.


John’s main interest is British and world financial and economic history over the last 100 years.

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