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Katharine Cox

Dr Katharine Cox PhD, FHEA, MA, BA

Head of English


I am a Principal Lecturer in English and Head of English at Sheffield Hallam University, within the Department of Humanities. My leadership responsibilities include the strategic direction and development of English, and the management of staff.

  • About

    My research is concerned with ideas of space, identity and structure in contemporary text. This focus has included work on sf, film, children’s literature and detective fiction. An exploration of ‘textual architecture’ informs most of my work to date.

    I welcome applications for PhD and Masters by Research students in the areas of contemporary literature with a focus on aspects of space and/or gender. I enjoy the mentoring aspect of my role on supervisory teams. I’m particularly keen that we support postgraduate students through Graduate Teaching Placements so that students with an aspiration to teach in academia have a solid apprenticeship behind them coordination of approximately 40 staff in English, and co-ordination of course leaders in partnership with the Head of Student Experience. I am a member of the Humanities Strategy Group and Humanities Research Forum. I chair a number of groups and committees at Subject Level.

    I am currently Deputy Vice-Chair of 'University English', the main professional body for the English subject community. My work for University English focusses on the co-ordination of the organization’s OGM, and the co-ordination and delivery of the networking event for Heads of Department and Subject Leaders at the organization’s AGM.

    My work concentrates on the interrelationship of space, place and identity in contemporary fiction. My current projects include a co-edited collection with Dr Kate Watson entitled Marking and Re-Marking: Tattoos in Crime and Detective Narratives (MUP); an essay on the origins and horror and the labyrinth (Palgrave), and an article on textualities and fear in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

    I am working on a monograph examining space, gender and narrative through representations of the labyrinth in contemporary literature.

  • Teaching

    Department Of Humanities

    Development and Society

    I enjoy working collaboratively on community engagement projects. These projects have focused on literary tourism and include Literary Tourism Project: Cardiff, 'Literature Wales: Literary Tours', and a collaboration 'Writing Sheffield' with 'Word Life', Writing Yorkshire and Sheffield Hallam University.


    BA (Hons) English; BA (Hons) English Literature; BA (Hons) English and History; BA (Hons) Creative Writing

    Recent teaching has included: Adaptations; The Contemporary Writer; Contemporary Fiction

  • Research

    • Humanities Research Centre

    Cox, K. (contracted) 'The tattoo wakes: sentient ink, taxonomies and writing the new weird in China Mieville's Kraken: an anatomy'. in Cox, K. and Watson, K.

    Watson, K. and Cox, K. (eds.) (contracted) Tattoos in crime and detective narratives: marking and remarking. (Manchester University Press) Cox, K. (contracted)

    'Literary labyrinths: spaces of horror from classical antiquity to the present' Dr Kevin Corstophine and Laura Kremmel (eds) The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature

  • Publications

    COX, Katherine (2013) ‘Becoming James Bond: Daniel Craig, Rebirth, and Refashioning Masculinity in Casino Royale’, Gender Studies.

    COX, Katherine (2013) ‘Textual Crossings: Transgressive Devices in Iain Banks’ Fiction’, In: COLEBROOK, Martin Colebrook and COX, Katharine Cox (eds) The Transgressive Iain Banks: Essays on a Writer Beyond Borders, McFarland.

    COLEBROOK, Martin Colebrook and COX, Katharine Cox (eds) (2013) The Transgressive Iain Banks: Essays on a Writer Beyond BordersMcFarland.

    COX, Katherine (2011) '"Imagine Dust with a capital letter" (His Dark Materials): Interpreting the Social and Cultural Contexts for Philip Pullman’s Transformation of Dust in His Dark Materials', In: BARFIELD, Stephen and COX, Katharine Cox (eds) Critical Perspectives on Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials". McFarland.

    BARFIELD, Stephen and COX, Katharine Cox (eds) Critical Perspectives on Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials". McFarland.

    COX, Katherine (2009) 'Knotting up the Cat's Cradle: Exploring Time and Space in Jeanette Winterson's novels', In: Sönmez, M. and Özyurt Kiliç, M., eds. (Cambridge Scholars 2009)

    COX, Kathrine (2006) 'What has made me?' Locating Mother in the Textual Labyrinth of Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves Critical Survey XVIII

  • Other activities


    Cox, K. (2011) ‘Jeanette Winterson’ Jeanette Winterson: a critical conference. University of Leeds

    Selected conferences:

    Cox, K. (2013) ‘The Ties that Bind: Jeanette Winterson’s Narratives of Adoption’ Contemporary Experimental Women’s Writing Conference Manchester

    Cox, K. (2009) ‘Queering the Maze: Representations of Gendered Space in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion’ Women Writing Space. University of Warwick

    I am an external examiner for English courses at Liverpool John Moores University (2016-present) and English FdA at PETROC (Plymouth).

  • Post graduate supervision

    ‘Authentic Relationships in Contemporary Fiction: A Feminist Endeavour’.

    ‘The Application of Trans Theory to Post 1990s Trans Authored Fiction’

  • Media

    ‘Theatre as a cultural response to HIV/AIDS’

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