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Ken Grint

Ken Grint

Lecturer in Creative Media


Recently I have been engaged in the fascinating Games Design arena, and whilst not a gamer, the convergent technologies from film and photogrammetric media have become a research study. Interactivity in 3D space has long been the games forte but this notion is emerging into narrative formats, and such concepts provide a future of immersive environments that lend themselves to many areas of production and delivery.


My Fine Art based personal work explores the spatial and temporal nature of the large-scale unique image. Whilst digital image making has become the norm, my current processes include a reversion to analogue methodologies, combined with digital production outcomes. For my application, such colour processes are founded in the work of early Russian photography, with an awareness of formalistic approach and stance derived from American topographical image making.


Department of Media Arts and Communication

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

I have had numerous exhibitions and publications of work, and recently a documentary project has become a permanent installation in the North East of England.



Grint, K. (2015). Taking a Line for a Walk. [Artefact].

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