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Kerstin Mader

Dr Kerstin Mader CChem, MRSC

Researcher/ Lecturer


I joined Hallam in 2011 in the role of research assistant in the Materials and Engineering Research Institute and became a Researcher/Lecturer in 2015. I teach in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics in addition to delivering analytical consultancy work for industrial clients.


I graduated as a Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) in Chemistry with Marketing with a focus on Biotechnology from the University of Reutlingen in 2005. I was introduced to research in my final year, completing a project to determine the active pharmaceutical ingredient concentration of tablets employing an on-line near infrared reflectance imaging system, utilising chemometric data analysis methods.

I moved to England in 2006 to work on a multidisciplinary ESPRC funded project (Grant Nos. EP/D502748/1, EP/D50273X/1 and EP/D502721/1) studying trans-dermal drug delivery with a novel ATR-FTIR imaging set-up. I completed my PhD in ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging and multivariate data analysis at the University of Greenwich in 2010, and remained at the University of Greenwich in a research assistant role contributing to multidisciplinary projects aimed at the development of novel delivery systems for sensitive bio-materials.

In 2011, I joined the Polymer, Composites and Spectroscopy group in MERI working on a European 7th Framework project entitled NPmimetic (ref. 246351), with the overall aim to design and create a synthetic, polymeric implant for minimally invasive treatment of degenerated spinal discs.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

Business, Technology and Enterprise


Spectral imaging of complex biological samples can often be non-trivial due to several factors including sample preparation, overlapping peaks from the large number of proteins, sugars and other matrix components, as well as the very large data sets arising from the multitude of spectra which go into creating an image.

My research interests lie in spectroscopic imaging and the application of multivariate data analysis techniques such as principal component analysis and iterative multivariate curve resolution algorithms aimed at simplifying data sets and extracting relevant information to ultimately understand the relationship between molecular make-up and material structure and function.

I am also interested in the application of multivariate calibration and classification methods to build comprehensive predictive models, for example for disease diagnosis, material design, process optimisation and advanced process control.


Journal articles

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