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Lambros Lazuras

Dr Lambros Lazuras PhD, PGCert, BA (Hons)

Reader in Social Psychology


I teach Social Psychology modules and am a tutor for Level 4, 5 and 6 students.

  • About

    I have been teaching in higher education for more than 10 years and have extensive experience in teaching undergraduate social psychology modules and in undergraduate and postgraduate research supervision. Since 2004 I am an active researcher in social and health psychology topics, I have published my work in international peer-reviewed academic journals, and been involved in more than 10 funded international research projects.

    Reader Associate Professor

    I am really enthusiastic to teach any module that relates to social psychology and related applications, and more specifically I am interested in teaching modules relevant to social cognition and behaviour, applied social psychology, health psychology, and social neuroscience.

    In terms of research, I am mostly interested in the decision-making processes underlying health-risk and health-protective behaviours, and in evidence-based psychological interventions to prevent substance use and health risk-taking. My research also includes the application of social psychological theories in the acceptance and utilization of emerging healthcare technologies. I currently work on the following topics

    • Psychosocial correlates of tobacco use
    • Attitudes towards, and use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes)
    • Self-affirmation theory interventions in health-risk behaviours
    • Use and abuse of performance and appearance enhancement substances (e.g., nutritional supplements, anabolic steroids) in sports and exercise settings
    • Use and abuse of 'neuroenhancement' substances among academic staff and students in University settings
    • Promotion of and adherence of physical activity and exercise in underrepresented social groups and at-risk populations
    • Attitudes towards, and utilization of emerging healthcare technologies by healthcare professionals and end-users
  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Research

    • Psychology Research Group

    Project title: SAFE YOU - Strengthening the Anti-Doping Fight in Fitness & Exercise in Youth Funding body: European Commission, Erasmus+ (514.636 €).
    Principal investigator: Dr Vassilis Barkoukis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
    Project website:

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA


    Barkoukis, V., Tsorbatzoudis, H., &Lazuras, L. (2015).Psychology of doping in sport. Oxford: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

    Soteriades, E. S., &Lazuras, L. (2014).Nicotine confesses: It’s not you, it’s me[in Greek]. Nicosia, Cyprus: En Typois.

    Soteriades, E. S., &Lazuras, L. (2014).Alifedecision of half a million euros[in Greek]. Nicosia, Cyprus: En Typois.

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    Tsorbatzoudis, H.,Lazuras, L., & Barkoukis, V. (2012).Cyberbullying in Greece: An interdisciplinary approach[in Greek]. Thessaloniki: Copy City Press.

    Chapters in Edited Books

    Lazuras, L., & Barkoukis, V. (2014). Diet drugs. In R. C. Ecklund, & G. Tenenbaum (Eds.),Encyclopedia of Sports and Exercise Psychology. New York: Sage.

    Lazuras, L., & Barkoukis, V. (2014). Performance enhancing drugs. In R. C. Ecklund, & G. Tenenbaum (Eds.),Encyclopedia of Sports and Exercise Psychology. New York: Sage.

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    Barkoukis, V.,Lazuras, L., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2013). A social cognitive perspective in cyberbullying prevention [in Italian]. In M. L. Genta, A. Brighi, & A. Guarini (Eds.),Cyberbullismo: Ricerche e strategie di intervento.(pp. 122-135). Milano: FrancoAngeli.

    Lazuras, L., & Ourda, D. (2012). Cyberbullying in adolescence: A social cognitive study [in Greek]. In H. Tsorbatzoudis, L. Lazuras, V. Barkoukis (Eds.),Cyberbullying in Greece: An interdisciplinary approach. (pp. 175-194). Thessaloniki: Copy City Press.

    Journal articles (most recent, since 2013)

    Lazuras, L., Barkoukis, V., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2015). Toward an integrative model of doping use: An empirical study with adolescent athletes. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 37, 37-50.

    Mallia, L., Lazuras, L., Violani, C., & Lucidi, F. (2015). Crash risk and aberrant driving behaviors among bus drivers: the role of personality and attitudes towards traffic safety.Accident Analysis & Prevention,79, 145-151.

    Korologou, S., Barkoukis, V., Lazuras, L., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2015). Application of the Transtheoretical Model to Physical Activity in Deaf Individuals.Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 32, 223-240.

    Barkoukis, V.,Lazuras, L., Lucidi, F., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2015).Nutritional supplements and doping use in sports: Possible underlying social cognitive processes.Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. DOI:10.1111/sms.12377

    Barkoukis, V.,Lazuras, L., & Harris, P. R. (2015).The effects of self-affirmation manipulation on decision making about doping use in elite athletes.Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 16,175-181.

    Lucidi, F., Mallia, L.,Lazuras, L., & Violani, C. (2014).Personality and attitudes as predictors of risky driving among older drivers.Accident Analysis & Prevention,72, 318-324.

    Lazuras, L.(2014).Normative influences on intentions to smoke among Greek adolescents: The moderating role of smoking status.Tobacco Induced Diseases, 12,5.

    Barkoukis, V,Lazuras, L., & Tsorbatzoudis, H. (2014).Beliefs about the causes of success in sports and susceptibility for doping use in adolescent athletes.Journal of Sports Sciences, 32,212-219.

    Sivri, C.,Lazuras, L., Rodafinos, A., & Eiser, J. R. (2013). Smoke-free policies and non-smokers’ reactions to SHS exposure in small and medium enterprises.International Journal of Occupational Medicine & Environmental Health, 26,940-948.

    Vardavas, C.I., Agaku, I., Patelarou, E., Anagnostopoulos, N., Nakou, C., Dramba, V., Giourgouli, G., Argyropoulou, P., Antoniadis, A., Gourgoulianis, K., Ourda, D.,Lazuras, L.,

    Bertic, M., Lionis, C., Connolly, G., & Behrakis, P (2013). Ashtrays and signage as determinants of a smoke-free legislation’s success. PLOS ONE-13-02752

    Barkoukis, V.,Lazuras, L., Tsorbatzoudis, H., & Rodafinos, A. (2013). Motivational and social cognitive predictors of doping intentions in elite sports: An integrated approach.Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

    Tsochas, K.,Lazuras, L., & Barkoukis, V. (2013). Psychosocial predictors of nutritional supplement use among leisure time exercisers.Performance Enhancement and Health,2,17-23.

    Lazuras, L., Barkoukis, V., & Tosrbatzoudis, H. (2013). A process model of cyberbullying in adolescence. Computers in Human Behaviour, 29,881-887.

  • Other activities

    Chartered Psychologist and full member of the Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DARTP), The British Psychological Society
    Member of the Association for Psychological Science (APS)
    Member of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)

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