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Laura Serrant

Professor Laura Serrant OBE, PhD, MA, BA, RGN, PGCE

Professor of Nursing


I am Professor of Nursing at Sheffield Hallam University, a qualified nurse, independent consultant, experienced coach and mentor. I have over thirty years' experience of leadership and management in health care practice, research, policy development and education including strategic leadership experience in higher education, at national policy and Trust Board level within the NHS and working with a range of national and international government agencies. my clinical academic research focuses on the needs of marginalised and ‘seldom heard’ communities, while my leadership activities are aimed at advancing health care scholarship and workforce wellbeing/diversity in particular. I am Chair of the Chief Nursing Officer for England's BME Strategic Advisory Group. I received an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list 2018 for services to Health Policy.

  • About

    Professor Laura Serrant is Professor of Nursing in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University, one of the few black Professors of Nursing (out of 262) in the UK. Professor Serrant's research interests relate to community and public health, specifically health disparities and the needs of marginalised and ‘seldom heard’ communities. She has developed and published a new theoretical framework for conducting research in this area of work ‘The Silences Framework’ (Serrant-Green 2010). Professor Serrant has an extensive experience in national and international health policy development with particular specialist input on racial and ethnic inequalities and cultural safety. She is one of the 2017 BBC Expert women, Chair of the Chief Nursing Officer for England's BME Strategic Advisory group and a 2017 Florence Nightingale Scholar. She is an ambassador of the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue and the Equality Challenge Unit Race Equality Charter for Higher Education. Her work has been recognised with numbers awards and prizes, including Queens Nurse status and Fellowship of the Queens Nursing Institute to those who have shown leadership in community nursing. In 2014, she was named as one of the top 50 leaders in the UK by The Health Services Journal in three separate categories: Inspirational Women in Healthcare, BME Pioneers and Clinical Leader awards. In October 2017 she was listed as the 8th most influential Black person in the UK by the Powerlist 2018. She recently received an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list 2018 for services to Health Policy

    Health Disparities
    Diversity Leadership
    Critical research methods
    Sexual and Reproductive Health
    Transcultural issues in Health and wellbeing

  • Teaching

    Department of Nursing and Midwifery

    Health And Wellbeing

    2017 - 2020: HEE/NIHR internship programme for clinicians to engage in research. Classroom, webinars, keynote speakers, workshop, Action Learning Sets, supervision, evaluation, assessment and moderation of the programme. 25 clinicians from the North (North West, North East and Yorkshire and Humberside).

    2017 - 2018 Undergraduate Nursing level 6; Managing Public Health, Inequalities and diversity.

    2016 - 2018 Masterclasses for level 6 undergraduate students in Nursing and Midwifery department: Advancing Nursing through Practice leadership, Advancing nursing practice through research, Advancing nursing through policy engagement

    2016-2016 Doctoral students Research training programme: Delivery of two workshops - Session 1: Introduction to The Silences Framework
    Session 2: What works for completing your Doctoral thesis on time?

  • Research

    • Centre for Health and Social Care Research

    1. Serrant, L (2016) Compassion in Practice Year 3 report: Evidencing the Impact. Department of Health, NHS. May 2016 pp34
    2. Serrant, L (2014) – “Celebrating Life” Survivor-led prostate cancer advocacy for Black Caribbean men in The USA and Caribbean. Final Report to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. July 2014
    3. Serrant, L and Glynn, M (2014) – An Evaluation of a Nurse-led Anxiety Management Programme at HMP Stafford. Final report to the Burdett Trust for Nursing. July 2014
    4. Serrant-Green L, and Haughton, T (2010) - Implementation and evaluation of peer led initiatives for promoting the Chlamydia screening programme within local student populations within Lincoln. Final report to NHS Lincolnshire.
    5. Serrant-Green L, O’Leary L and Deacon, K (2009) - Decommissioning a care home providing nursing care: perceptions and experiences of service commissioners, providers, and care home residents. Final Report to Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust
    6. Serrant-Green L, Wolhunter C, O’Leary L (2008) ‘Between Culture and Community Health Inequalities - British South Asian Women’s Health Experiences in the West Midlands’. Final report to Ashram Housing Association.
    7. Serrant-Green, L and Ametewee, L (2008) – Delivering Race Equality in Mental Healthcare: Black and Minority ethnic service User Experiences. Department of Health/Care Services improvement Partnership (CSIP) December 2008.pp14
    8. Serrant-Green, L and Ametewee, L (2008) – Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health in Prisons. Department of Health/Care Services improvement Partnership (CSIP) December 2008.pp26

    2001 UK Government Independent Advisory Group on Black and minority ethnic issues. Appointed national advisor (BME issues) to Department of Health on Independent Advisory Group for sexual health and HIV (2003-2007)

    2010 Department of Health, UK - Appointed commissioner, Prime ministers commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England (from 2009)

    2015 NHS England, National Nursing Directorate as Head of Evidence and Strategy, evaluating the three year national nursing strategy and informing development of the new national approach to work for nurses midwives and care staff in England which was launched in April 2016. https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/cip-yr-3.pdf

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    Eshareturi, C., Serrant, L., and Morgan, A (2016) Embedding learning from adverse incidents: a UK based regional case study (Submitted, under review)Inernational Journal of Healthcare quality and assurance

    De Oliveria, DLL; Serrant, L; Ferla, Aa; Gouvia, H; Zooche, DA; Rosetto, M; Frigo, J (2015) Women’s Experiences of Gynaecological Consultations - Uncovering Its Technological Toolboxes: Challenges in a Brazilian context. (Submitted, under review) Journal of Advanced Nursing

    Danks, E; Serrant, L; Sandbrooke, S (2015) Female Genital Mutilation: Exploring how the practice became affiliated with religion. (Submitted, under review) Journal of Advanced Nursing

    Eshareturi, C., Serrant, L., Galbraith, V., & Glynn, M. (2015). Silence of a scream: application of the Silences Framework to provision of nurse-led interventions for ex-offenders. Journal of Research in Nursing, 20(3), 218-231.

    John, A., Cooper, J., & Serrant-Green, L. (2014). Barriers to diabetic retinopathy screening in South Asian groups. Primary Health Care, 24(8), 25-30.

    Eshareturi, C., Serrant‐Green, L., Bayliss‐Pratt, L., & Galbraith, V. (2014). The case for nurses as central providers of health and social care services for ex‐offenders: a discussion paper. Journal of advanced nursing, 70(5), 1030-1039.

    Sanderson, T., Kumar, K., & Serrant-Green, L. (2013). “Would You Decide to Keep the Power?”: Reflexivity on the Interviewer–Interpreter–Interviewee Triad in Interviews with Female Punjabi Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 12, 511-528.

    Johnson, S., Scammell, J., & Serrant‐Green, L. (2013). Degrees of Success. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 3(S1), 321-345.

    Watson, C and Serrant-Green, L (2012) Exploring HPV awareness and understanding before and after vaccination. British Journal of School Nursing Volume 7 Number 5 pp240-248

    Serrant-Green, L (2011) Measure, compare and contrast: the role of Social Science Research in the UK. Public Service Review: UK Science & Technology: issue 3 pp1-2

    Serrant-Green, L (2011) The Sound of 'Silence': A Framework for researching sensitive issues or marginalised perspectives in health. Journal of Research in Nursing ( online 16 Nov 1020 at DOI: 10.1177/1744987110387741) Volume 16 Issue 4 July 2011 pp. 347 - 360.I

  • Other activities

    NIHR expert review panel for clinical academic training awards

    Ambassador - Race Equality charter for HE, Equality Challenge Unit

    External advisor - GENOVATE: Transforming Organisational Culture for Gender Equality in Research and Innovation.FP7 funded project under the Science in Society SiS 2012. 2.1.1-1 programme

    Chief Nursing Officer BME Nurse leadership group committee member

    International Collaboration for Community Nursing Research committee member

    Trustee: Jamaican Nurses Association

    Ambassador: Mary Seacole Memorial Statue appeal

  • Postgraduate supervision

    2017 - Present (PhD) – Exploring the of mental health among internal migrants in Nigeria. Sheffield Hallam University

    2017 - Present (PhD) – Zimbabwean parents’ experiences of bearing and raising children in the UK. Sheffield Hallam University

    2016 - Present (PhD) – Exploring the therapeutic alliance between Speech and Language Therapist and people with aphasia following Stroke. University of Manchester

    2016 - Present (PhD) – A Study of the Lived Experience of Homeless Families. Sheffield Hallam University

    2016 - Present (PhD) – Does an improvement in mental health awareness improve professional footballers match performance? Sheffield Hallam University

    2016 - Present (PhD) – How do women describe and interpret their experiences of developing and living with breast or trunk lymphedema after surgery or radiotherapy for breast cancer? Sheffield Hallam University
    2011 – Present (Prof. Doc) - Experiences of African-Caribbean family ‘carers’ caring for a family member with dementia: Insights from England and Jamaica. University of Wolverhampton. (recommenced 10/17)

    2015 – 2017 (PhD by Publication) – Criticality in social work practice and education -policy and politics matter. University of Wolverhampton

    2013 - 2018 (PhD) – Social and cultural impact of HIV stigma on sexual health behaviour in Sub Saharan African communities in West Midlands. University of Wolverhampton

    2013 - 2018 (PhD) - The impact of service user involvement on Health Care education. HEA PhD Studentship. University of Wolverhampton

    2013 - 2016 (PhD) – Factors influencing use of community maternity clinics among women with high risk pregnancy in Nigeria. University of Wolverhampton

    2012 - 2015 (PhD) - Mapping the offender health pathway using the Silences Framework. Burdett Trust for Nursing PhD Studentship - £56500. University of Wolverhampton

    2012 - 2015 (DCounsPsych) – Exploring power dynamics in the therapeutic relationship University of Wolverhampton.

    2011 - 2016 (EdD) - Self Directed learning: perceptions of nurse educators and undergraduate nursing students. University of Wolverhampton.

    2011 – 2016 (PhD) - What are the experiences of adult (non-elderly) patients following fractured neck of femur and are their needs effectively addressed by current health and social care provision? Utilising the Silences Framework. University of Wolverhampton.

    2006 - 2012 (PhD) – A Model of Good Practice in the Delivery of high-quality care for culturally diverse patients within the Pre-Registration Mental Health Nursing Curriculum. University of Wolverhampton.

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