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Manya Merodoulaki

Dr Manya Merodoulaki PhD, MSc, MA, DipEd, BA



My professional "home" is psychology. I have worked in the NHS (mental health, physical health and staff support services) and have held a private practice offering psychological therapy, clinical supervision and consultancy. I am interested in the psychological impact of experiencing shame.

I have also held teaching positions in adult and tertiary education (Workers' Educational Association, Roehampton University, Keele University, University of Sheffield). In my MA in Psychology of Education dissertation I examined correlations in anxiety, locus of control and help-seeking behaviour in University students while in my MSc in Psychological Counselling I examined associations of early experiences with choosing a profession such as psychology, psychotherapy or counselling (on my academia page:

My PhD explored experiences and meanings of clinical supervision in stroke care, using a combination of survey, observational and interview methods. Since May 2016, I have been convening the Yorkshire IPA [Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis] regional group, having used IPA for my PhD interviews. I am very interested in philosophy of science and the Aristotelian concept of phronesis which I believe is key to clinical practice. I am also interested in politics and in how we mis/use our power in our everyday living.

  • Teaching

  • Publications

    Please visit my academia page 

    Merodoulaki, GM (1994) Early experiences as factors influencing occupation choice in counselling and psychotherapy, Counselling Psychology Review, 9(3), 18-39 

    Merodoulaki, GM, et al (2003) Clinical supervision for psychological therapy, Practice Development in Health Care, 173-180 

  • Other activities

    Ariss, S, Earley, V, Jokhi, R, Merodoulaki, M (2017) Final Evaluation Report: Pilot for New Model of Midwifery Supervision. NHS England/ University of Sheffield  

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