Marie Hockenhull-Smith

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Dr Marie Hockenhull-Smith BA, PGCE, CPE, PHD

Senior Lecturer


My research interests are interdisciplinary in literature and law. I am currently working on a project that explores the law and literature of whistleblowing, which spans 18th-century texts focusing on early examples in master and servant relationships and 20th-21st texts featuring contemporary issues.  




I teach on eighteenth-century and contemporary literature modules. I have an interest in interdisciplinarity.




Hockenhull-Smith, M. (n.d.). Dr Woodward's Narrative. Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies.

Smith, M.H. (n.d.). The Silent Woman in the “Criminal Conversation” Trial and her Displaced Defences: “A Letter Always Reaches its Destination”. Romanticism on the Net, (45).

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