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Michael Gunning



With a passion for hardware tinkering and a love for all things audio, my greatest expertise revolve in the world of Mobile App Development. When not working, I’m playing with electronics or coding up some indie app or game. I hold an MSc in Mobile Applications and a Bachelor in Music Technology. Mainly experienced with front-end development, I am proficient in Objective-C, Swift, Java, C#, the various web technologies, python and English. My experience includes working with gaming, multimedia apps, IoT, AR and web-services. I stay updated on all the latest developments and trends.


I undertook my BSc in Music, Media and Performance Technology at the University of Limerick, Ireland. It was here that I was introduced to coding and how it can be applied to digital art and creation. I moved to Sheffield to undertake my MSc at Sheffield Hallam University in Mobile Computing Applications. My dissertation examined the need to introduce elderly communities to the benefits of involving technology (such as tablet devices) into their lives with an emphasis on their health.

Currently, I am working in C3RI where my responsibilities involve researching, consulting and developing practical innovative solutions for SMEs within the wider region, with a prominence on mobile and web technology. As part of an SBRI funded project, I also develop EQUS, a visualisation tool for spreadsheets.

My current focus in research is pushing the smartphone platform by integrating with the physical web. Adopting the current trends in the IoT industry, my interests revolve around the possibilities of tagging physical objects to a digital domain.

I have significant professional experience with mobile technology, web technology and multi-media, and have developed a number of apps available on mobile app stores. In addition, I have experience working as a sound engineer for radio and have a comprehensive knowledge of recording, mixing live sound as well as composing. I have developed a number of audio/visual compositions and installations that have been well received in many of Ireland's creative outlets.

Specialist areas of interest

Mobile applications, Audio, 3D, Game Development, Media, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, BLE


Business, Technology and Enterprise

Group Software Development Project


SSELPS, EQUS, Babylon,


Conference papers

Roast, C., Leitao, R., & Gunning, M. (2016). Visualising formula structures to support exploratory modelling. In Uhomoibhi, J., Costagilola, G., Zvacek, S., & McLaren, B. (Eds.) CSEDU 2016 : 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, (pp. 383-390). SCITEPRESS:

Roast, C., Leitao, R., & Gunning, M. (2016). Visualising formula structures to support exploratory modelling. In International Conference on Computer Supported Education (2016), Rome, Italy, 21 April 2016 - 23 April 2016.

Book chapters

Brewster, B., Gibson, H., & Gunning, M. (2018). Policing the community together: the impact of technology on citizen engagement. In Levantakis, G., & Haberfeld, M. (Eds.) Societal implications of community‐oriented policing techology. (pp. 91-102). Switzerland: Springer:

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