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Nicholas Addis

Nicholas Addis

Lecturer in Criminology


I joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in February 2016, having previously worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Leeds, and as a Psychologist in HM Prison Service.

  • Teaching

    Department Of Law and Criminology

    Social Sciences and Arts

  • Research

    My research interests centre on conducting applied research with clear impact on policy; most recently in the field of crime prevention. I am particularly interested in the use of quantitative research methods to help understand and address crime, whilst being a strong advocate of the mixed methods approach in criminological research. For example, my PhD research explores the target selection criteria of residential burglars, using quantitative offence data and qualitative, semi-structured interviews. During the course of my research I have developed strong working relationships with a range of criminal justice agencies to help inform policy and enhance the impact of my research; these include West Yorkshire Police, Safer Leeds Partnership and HM Prison Service.

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Addis, N., Evans, A., & Malleson, N. (2019). Exploring the practices of steal-to-order burglars: A different brand of offender? Security journal, 32, 457-475.

    Banks, J., Addis, N., & Waters, J. (n.d.). Betting Shop Robberies: Reducing the Risk to Retail Staff. Gaming Law Review.

  • Other activities

    I am a member of the British Society of Criminology and the European Society of Criminology, and am an associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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