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Nikki Dean Marshall

Nikki Dean Marshall BSc (Hons), MSc

Doctoral Researcher / Associate Lecturer


I have studied at Sheffield Hallam University since 2011. I graduated with a BSc in Psychology in 2014, followed by an MSc in Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience. I have clinical experience in the NHS on stroke units and private sectors in both adult and adolescent mental health services.

  • About

    I am currently a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr Anna Maria DiBetta, Dr Jane Morgan and Dr David Playfoot. My PhD research aims to further our understanding of the organisation of the bilingual lexicon by investigating how words belonging to different languages are stored and accessed. I am particularly interested in interlingual homographs; these are the words from different languages that are orthographically identical but differ in their meaning.

    Other, Associate Lecturer

    • Brain, Behaviour and Cognition Research Group;
    • Education, Lifespan and Development Research Group;
    • Language Research Group.

  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Humanities

    • Psychology;
    • Psychology & Criminology.

    • Psychology;
    • Psychology & Criminology.

    • Psychology Practical and Statistics (Level 4);
    • The Psychology of Education (Level 6);
    • Psychology & Criminology Supervisor (Level 6);
    • Psychology Research Project and Personal Tuition (Level6).

  • Research

    • Psychology Research Group
  • Other activities

    • Ethics Reviewer since June 2017;
    • PhD Forum Chair (Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics);
    • Committee member for the Postgraduate Women in Academia Group at Sheffield Hallam University;
    • Social Media Officer - see website for more details: https://www.pgwomeninacademia.co.uk/steeringgroup

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