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Paddy McEntaggart

Senior Lecturer


My work is based around enquiry that explores relationships between technologically-mediated memory and the ways in which narrative might consequently be (re)constructed.


The projects have focused on sites of memory (real world and virtual) with a particular interest in modes of transmission and moments of transition. Much of the work resituates collected memories within a new frame or interface, finding perspectives on the relationship between users and content.

This work includes both practice (interactive installations/media) and publications.


Department of Art and Design

Business, Technology and Enterprise


Journal articles

Mcentaggart, P., Levick-Parkin, M., & Wood, J. (2016). Making the Transient Permanent : exploring the translation of personal data into material forms via the 3D printing of memory objects. Making Futures, 4.

Petrelli, D., Marshall, M., O'Brien, S., Mcentaggart, P., & Gwilt, I. (2016). Tangible Data Souvenirs as a Bridge between a Physical Museum Visit and Online Digital Experience. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 21 (2), 281-295.

Conference papers

Levick-Parkin, M., Mcentaggart, P., Gwilt, I., & Wood, J. (2015). Enhancing museum visits through the creation of data visualization to support informed choices and the recording and sharing of experiences. In The Pararchive Project Open access community storytelling and the digital archive, University of Leeds, 27 March 2015 - 28 March 2015.

Mcentaggart, P. (2014). This is neighbourhood 29: an auto-photographic project. In Visual In-Sights Conference 2014, Newcastle University, UK, 26 June 2014 - 27 June 2014.

Book chapters

Mcentaggart, P., Gwilt, I., Levick-Parkin, M., & Wood, J. (2020). Enhancing museum visits through the creation of data visualisation to support the recording and sharing of experience. In Communities, Archives and New Collaborative Practices. (First). Policy Press

Mcentaggart, P., & Wilson, P. (2014). The member’s a virtual gentleman. In Dun, S., & Moser, D. (Eds.) A Digital Janus: Looking Forward, Looking Back. (pp. 87-95). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press:

Mcentaggart, P., & Fragiacomo, F. (2012). Objects of Storytelling and Digital Memory (MEMO). In Sak, S. (Ed.) Remembering digitally. Inter-Disciplinary Press:

Wilson, P., & Mcentaggart, P. (2011). A community kept alive through memory : preserving the essence of the British Working-Men’s Club. In Wilson, P., & Mcentaggart, P. (Eds.) Navigating landscapes of mediated memory. Inter-Disciplinary Press:

Mcentaggart, P. (2010). Once upon a paradigm shift : interactive storytelling in a new media context. In Mousoutzanis, A., & Riha, D. (Eds.) New Media and the Politics of Online Communities. (pp. 191-197). Orford: Inter-Disciplinary Press:


Dulake, N., Marshall, M., Petrelli, D., KOCKELKORN, H., van Rijn, G.-.J., Mcentaggart, P., ... O'Brien, S. (2015). The Hague and the Atlantic Wall. Museon onderwijs.

Levick-Parkin, M., Flouda, G., Wood, J., Mcentaggart, P., & Hatfield, H. (2016). Visual Translations of Ancient Script : Re-contextualising the Linear A and Linear B scripts through contemporary visual communication methods and media. Archaeological Museum Heraklion.

Mcentaggart, P. (2017). Sheffield Says. Moor Market Sheffield.


Mcentaggart, P. (2015). The Rubbish-Pickers Wife (Book Cover Design). [Book Cover].

Mcentaggart, P. (2013). Albania and the Balkans : Essays in Honour of Sir Reginald Hibbert (Book Cover Design). [Book Cover].

Mcentaggart, P. (2013). Edith and I (Book Cover Design). [Book Cover].

Mcentaggart, P. (2011). This is Neighbourhood 29. [Online].

Mcentaggart, P. (2011). Travels In Blood and Honey (Book Cover Design). [Book Cover].

Other publications

McEntaggart, P. (2015). Atlantic Wall Data Souvenir. The Hague: Museon - Science Museum:

Mcentaggart, P. (2014). Hello Janjevo. The Ideas Partnership:

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