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Phil Crowther

Dr Phillip Crowther


My specialism is in the area of strategy and events, in the sense that events are investments that deliver outcomes and impacts for involved and impacted stakeholders.  Therefore they have to be purposefully designed, with a focus on outcomes, and with a stakeholder centric approach. My research, teaching, and consultancy, focussed in this area and all of this was central to my PhD which I completed in September 2015. My PhD was 'By Publication' and brought together eight journal articles and book chapters that I have published since becoming an academic in 2006. I am very interested in working with organisations, PhD students, and colleagues who have a similar interest.


My first degree career was in recreation / leisure / tourism / event management where I was General Manager of cinemas, theme parks, and health clubs. Designing and delivering such highlights as film premiers, celebrity birthday parties, and large team building events.  During that time I completed an MBA in Executive General Management which was my pathway back into university. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching, researching, and delivering continuing professional development (CPD) events and consultancy in the area of Event Management. As indicated above, my teaching focuses heavily on strategy and events, for example such modules as Strategic Event Design.  This module emerged from the book that I recently authored entitled 'Strategic Event Creation' which sets out my, and colleagues, perspective on event management.

More specifically I have contributed to the literature in the area of event marketing and in the autumn of 2016 we launch the UKs first degree of this type; Event Management and Experiential Marketing. We are doing this in collaboration with a leading player in this marketplace, TRO.  This real world approach to education is very much close to my heart.

  • About


    • 2015: PhD Strategic application of events, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2003: Executive MBA in General Management, Leeds Beckett University
    • 1995: BSc Recreation Management, Loughborough University

    Teaching expertise

    • Events Management
    • Marketing


    • Service Sector Management

    Industry Links

    • Consultancy
    • CPD/ Training
    • Managing own business
    • Partnership development

  • Teaching

    Dept Of Service Sector Management

    Sheffield Business School

    Events Management

  • Publications

    BOSTOCK, James, CROWTHER, Philip, RIDLEY-DUFF, Rory and BREESE, Richard (2018). No Plan B: the Achilles heel of high performance sport management. European Sport Management Quarterly, 18 (1), 25-46.

    SCHOFIELD, Peter, CROWTHER, Philip, JAGO, Leo and TAYLOR, Scott (2017). Collaborative innovation: Catalyst for a destination’s event success. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

    GILLOOLY, Leah, CROWTHER, Philip and MEDWAY, Dominic (2017). Experiential sponsorship activation at a sports mega-event: The case of Cisco at London 2012. Sport, Business and Management: an International Journal, 7 (4), 404-425.

    CROWTHER, Philip, BOSTOCK, James and PERRY, John (2015). Review of established methods in event research. Event Management, 19 (1), 93-107.

    SHARPLES, Liz, CROWTHER, Philip, OREFICE, Chiara and MAY, Daryl, eds. (2014). Strategic Event Creation. Oxford, UK, Goodfellow Publishers Limited.

    DONLAN, Leah and CROWTHER, Philip (2014). Leveraging sponsorship to achieve consumer relationship objectives through the creation of ‘marketing spaces’: An exploratory study. Journal of Marketing Communications, 20 (4), 291-306.

    CROWTHER, Philip (2011). Marketing event outcomes : from tactical to strategic. International Journal of Event and Festival Management, 2 (1), 68-82.

    CROWTHER, Philip and DONLAN, Leah (2011). Value-creation space : the role of events in a service-dominant marketing paradigm. Journal of Marketing Management, 27 (13-14), 1444-1463.

    CROWTHER, Philip (2010). Marketing space : a conceptual framework for marketing events. The Marketing Review, 10 (4), 369-383.

    CROWTHER, Philip (2010). Strategic application of events. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 29 (2), 227-235.

    CROWTHER, Philip and BEARD, Colin (2008). Events education : the value of ‘real world’ learning. LINK, 20, 35-37.

    Journal article: CROWTHER, P. (2012), 'Eventful spaces can provide a creative platform', Market Leader, vol 2, pp. 37-38

    Book chapter: CROWTHER, P. BOSTOCK, J. PERRY, J. (2015), 'Event Management Research: A Consensus of Experience' The Festival and Event Experience, Slater, A. and Wood, E eds, LSA

    Book chapter: CROWTHER, P. Sharples, L. OREFICE, C. MAY, D. (2014), 'Strategic Event Creation (Chapter 1)' Strategic Event Creation , Liz Sharples & Philip Crowther eds, Goodfellow Publishers Ltd, Oxford, pp. 3-20

    Book chapter: CROWTHER, P. OREFICE, C. (2014), 'Cocreative Events; Analysis and Illustrations' Event Design; Social Perspectives and Practices, Richards, G, Lénia Marques & Karen Mein eds, Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 122-136

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. SCHOFIELD, P. HEELEY, J. (2016), 'Destination marketing and major events: integration or separation'. Paper presented at ATLAS Annual Conference: Rethinking the Eventful City: Perspectives, Practices, Prospects, Barcelona, May

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2016), 'Toward Strategic Event Creation'. Paper presented at Association of Event Management Educator Conference, Cardiff

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2015), 'Strategic Event Creation'. Paper presented at EuroCHRIE Conference, Manchester

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2014), 'Strategic Events'. Paper presented at AEME Conference, Sheffield

    Conference Paper: OREFICE, C. CROWTHER, P. (2013), 'Events as co-creative spaces'. Paper presented at ATLAS SIG Events, Peniche, Portugal

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2013), 'Strategic Application of Events'. Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference, Southampton

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2013), 'Marketing Events; As Value Creation Space'. Paper presented at ICRM Conference, Nottingham

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2012), 'Value Creation Space'. Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference, Liverpool

    Conference Paper: EGAN, D. CROWTHER, P. (2012), 'Event Impact'. Paper presented at National Outdoor Events Association and Conwy Borough Council Conference

    Conference Paper: BOSTOCK, J. CROWTHER, P. (2011), 'Delivering an Engaging Visitor Experience at Mega-Events - Challenges and Opportunities'. Paper presented at International Hotel and Tourism Management Conference Forum, St.Petersburg, Russia

    Conference Paper: CROWTHER, P. (2011), 'Marketing Space: a conception of marketing events'. Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference, Coventry

    Conference Paper: TRESIDDER, R. CROWTHER, P. (2010), 'Planned Events: A Contemporary Marketing Strategy'. Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference

  • Other activities


    • 2016: Faculty Inspirational Teaching Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2014: Faculty Inspirational Teaching Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2014: University Inspirational Tutor Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2013: University Inspirational Tutor Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2013: Faculty Inspirational Teaching Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
    • 2012: Faculty Inspirational Teaching Award, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

    Prize or best paper

    • 2011: The Tim Ambler Academy of Marketing Prize, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

  • Post graduate supervision

    Current supervisions

    • 2014:PhD (1 student)

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