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dr sam browse

Dr Sam Browse BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Lecturer In English Language


I joined the Department of Humanities as a Lecturer in English Language in 2015. My research focuses on the language of politics and I'm most interested in investigating how our knowledge of language and the human mind can help us understand the persuasive effects of political discourse. I am currently working on a book called 'Cognitive Rhetoric: The Cognitive Poetics of Political Discourse', due for publication with John Benjamins in 2017.

  • About

    The monograph I am writing employs frameworks from cognitive poetics - a branch of stylistics that uses what we know about the human mind to analyse literary effects - to investigate the classical rhetorical appeals to ethos (the character of the speaker), logos (the argument presented in the speech) and pathos (the way the speech rouses the audience's emotions) in political discourse.

  • Teaching

    Currently, I lead the first year core undergraduate module, ‘Writing Yourself’, the second year core BA English Language module, ‘Language and Style’, and the third year optional module, ‘Digital Communication’. I also teach on the postgraduate Research Methods module.

    I welcome applications for research degrees in political discourse, Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Stylistics and Cognitive Stylistics.

  • Research

    • Humanities Research Centre
  • Publications

    Browse, S. (forthcoming) Cognitive Rhetoric: The Cognitive Poetics of Political Discourse. Amsterdam: John Benjamins

    Browse, S. (2016) "'This is not the end of the world': situating metaphor in the text-worlds of the 2008 economic crisis''. In: Gavins, J. and Lahey, E. (eds) World Building: Discourse in the Mind. London: Bloomsbury

    Browse, S. (2016) 'Revisiting Text World Theory and extended metaphor: Embedding and foregrounding metaphor in the text-worlds of the 2008 financial crash'. Language & Literature. 25(1): 8-37

    Browse, S. (2015) 'Review - Line, Brandt: The Communicative Mind: A Linguistic Exploration of Conceptual Integration and Meaning Construction'. Cognitive Linguistics. 26(4): 697-701

    Browse, S. (2014) "Resonant Metaphor in Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go'". In: Harrison, C., Nuttall, L., Stockwell, P. & Yuan, W. (eds) Cognitive Grammar in Literature. Amsterdam: John Benjamins"

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