Severyna Magill

Severyna Magill MA

Senior Lecturer in Law


Severyna has over ten years experience working for universities and NGOs where her work and research have focused on equality law, women's rights and gender-sensitive justice.


Severyna joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2019 and is the Course Leader for the MA and LLM degrees in Applied Human Rights. Prior to this she founded and was the Co-ordinator of the Human Rights Law and Theory programme for over four years at Jindal Global Law School, India's best law school, as ranked by QS World University Subject Rankings 2020. Severyna has also worked in Non-Governmental Organisations in the UK and India. She was the Project Manager for a Women's Social Integration project in East London funded by the UK Home Office and European Commission. The project provided service delivery to vulnerable women who were experiencing or re-building their lives after having experienced domestic violence or forced marriage. In India she was a Researcher and Co-ordinator for a UN Women funded project researching access to gender-sensitive, rights-based justice through traditional forms of justice. Severyna obtained her postgraduate degree in International Law from SOAS, University of London in 2009. Her research interests include gender equality, redress from gender-based violence, reproductive rights, and access to justice.


Department Of Law and Criminology

College of Social Sciences and Arts

I teach primarily constitutional and administrative law, human rights law and on criminal justice policy, particularly that relating to policing.

LL.B (Hons) Law and Law with Criminology; MA and LLM Applied Human Rights


Internet Publications

Magill, M. (2023). Indian women’s struggle against sexual violence has had little support from the men in power.

Magill, S. (2018). Smear Campaign Against Kashmiri Women Saying #MeToo An Attempt to Force Them Into Silence (2018).

Magill, S. (2018). Ripples of Ireland’s Landslide Vote to End Abortion Restrictions Could Reach as Far As Philippines.

Magill, S. (2017). The Mahmood Farooqui v State Government of Delhi judgment confused consent and made prosecuting acquaintance rape harder.

Magill, S. (2017). Five Years After Indian Woman Who Was Denied an Abortion Died, Will Ireland Finally Reform Its Laws?,%20equality%20and%20development%20(upcoming)%20AHRI%20September%202020%20,%20May-June%202020,%20,%20Peace%20and%20Security%20Conference,%20Binghamton%20University,%20April%202020%20,%20McGill%20University,%20Canada,%20May%202018%20%20Chaired%20a%20panel%20on%20%E2%80%98Evidence%20of%20the%20Devastating%20Consequences%20of%20Sex%20Selection%20in%20India%20%E2%80%93%20Will%20India%20Follow%20China%E2%80%99s%20Path?%E2%80%99%20Upholding%20Women's%20Human%20Rights:%20Transnational%20Dialogue%20on%20Gender%E2%80%93Biased%20Sex%20Selection%20Cornell%20Law%20School%20&%20%20JGLS,%20New%20Delhi%20December%202017%20%20,%20case%20studies%20and%20evidence,%20LASSNET%20conference,%20organised%20by%20Jawaharlal%20Nehru%20University%20(JNU)%20et%20al,%20Delhi,%20December%202016%20Mainstreaming%20Gender:%20Access%20to%20Justice%20for%20Women%20Experiencing%20Domestic%20Violence:%20A%20Human%20Rights%20Law%20Analysis,%2050%20Years%20of%20the%20Two%20UN%20Human%20Rights%20Covenants:%20Legacies%20and%20Prospects%20organised%20by%20AHRI%20(Association%20of%20Human%20Rights%20Institutes),%20Utrecht%20University,%20Holland%20in%20Sept.%202016%20%20%20%E2%80%A2%09Warwick%20%20%20Member%20of:%20%20%E2%80%A2%09Berkeley%20Centre%20on%20Comparative%20Equality%20and%20Anti-Discrimination%20Law%20%20%E2%80%A2%09Human%20Rights%20Research%20Network%20(UK)

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