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Thi Song Hanh Pham

Dr Thi Pham

Senior Lecturer


Dr Thi Song Hanh Pham is a Senior Lecturer in International Business and Global Supply Chain Management. Before joining SBS, she worked as a Lecturer and Researcher at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and Foreign Trade University in Vietnam. She obtained her first degree in International Economics from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, MSc in International Economics at the University of Birmingham in the UK, her PhD in International Business at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. She used to work as a consultant for Ericson Ltd Vietnam during her lectureship in Vietnam. Her publications are in the fields of export marketing, SME internationalization, global sourcing, FDI spillover effect published in Asia Pacific Management Review, International Business Review, Journal of Development Studies. Her current projects include: global supply chain governance, global production network linkages and innovation. She is currently a fellow of Academy of International Business, European International Business Academy, Supply Chain Council, and Higher Education.

  • About


    • 2008: PhD International Business, Other, United Kingdom
    • 2002: MSc International Economics, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
    • 1999: Bachelor - Foreign Trade Economics, Other, United Kingdom

    Senior Lecturer

  • Teaching

    Department of Management

    Sheffield Business School

    International Business

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Pham, H.T.S., & Tran, H.T. (2019). Board and corporate social responsibility disclosure of multinational corporations. Multinational Business Review, 27 (1), 77-98.

    Tran, H.T., & Pham, T.S.H. (2018). Costs and Benefits of CSR Disclosure: Evidence from the US. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018 (1), 12283.

    Pham, T.S.H., Monkhouse, L.L., & Barnes, B.R. (2017). The influence of relational capability and marketing capabilities on the export performance of emerging market firms. International Marketing Review, 34 (5), 606-628.

    Pham, T.S.H., & Ahammad, F.M. (2017). Antecedents and consequences of online customer satisfaction: A holistic process perspective. Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

    Tran, T.T., Pham, T.S.H., & Barnes, B.R. (2016). Spatial spillover effects from foreign direct investment in Vietnam. The Journal of Development Studies, 52 (10), 1431-1445.

    Barnes, B., & Pham, T. (2016). Spatial Spillover Effects from Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam. Journal of Development Studies, 52 (10).

    TRAN, T.T., & PHAM, T.S.H. (2013). Spatial Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Vietnam. .

    Monkhouse, L.L., Barnes, B.R., & Hanh Pham, T.S. (2013). Measuring Confucian values among East Asian consumers: A four country study. Asia Pacific Business Review, 19 (3), 320-336.

    Pham, T. (2011). Integrated Model of Determinants of Value Chain Governance Patterns. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 0.

    Pham, T. (2011). Supply Chain Governance in a Transition Economy. The Case of the Cassava Sector in Vietnam. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 0.

    Book chapters

    Pham, S.H., Darabi, F., & Wilmot, N. (2016). International Supply Chain Case Study. In Christiansen, B. (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Global Supply Chain Management. (pp. 205-226). Hershey PA. USA: IGI Global:

    Pham, T. (2012). Does Manufacturer's Export Marketing Engagement Pay Off? Evidence From the Wood Furniture Industry of Vietnam. In Marino, , & Marinova, (Eds.) Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms. London: W H Freeman (Macmillan Press Palgrave)

    Pham, T. (2009). An explorative study on functional upgrading and export development of Vietnam wood furniture producers. In Schaumburg-Muller, , & Pham, (Eds.) The dynamics of firm internationalization in Vietnam. Copenhagen Business School


    Pham, T. (2008). Functional Upgrading, Relational Capability and Export Performance of Vietnamese Wood Furniture Produce. Copenhagen Business School.


    Pham, T.S.H., & Petersen, B. (2013). Functional upgrading, Bargaining Power and Value Appropriation of Emerging Economy Producers. (11).


    Pham, T. (2016). Holistic Model of Late Comers’ Upgrading in Global Market.

    Pham, T. (2015). Governance of Agri-food Supply Network In Emerging Markets The evidence from Vietnam Cassava Sector.

    Pham, T. (2013). Survival or Death When Foreigners entering Local Markets?

    Pham, T. (2013). Does Distance Matter in FDI Spillover Effect?

    Barnes, B., & Pham, T. (2012). Marketing Capability, Export Performance and the Moderating Role of Relational Capability.

    Pham, T. (2012). Shaping Supply Chain Governance.

    Pham, T. (2011). Small Firms in Outsourcing Games.

    Pham, T. (2010). Does Manufacture's export marketing Engagement pay off? Evidence from the wood Furniture Industry of Vietnam.

    Pham, T. (2009). Functional Innovation, Bargaining Power and Value.

    Pham, T. (2008). Functional upgrading and export performance.

    Pham, T. (2008). Breaking the GVC Fetters: Are Emerging Economy Firms Better off When They Assume Export Marketing Responsibility?

    Pham, T. (2007). Review of internationalization theories.

    Pham, T. (2006). Network theories: an overview.

    Other publications

    Pham, T. (2009). Functional Upgrading, Bargaining Power and Value Appropriation of Emerging Economy Exporters - Under Data Processing - Working Paper.

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