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Doctor Tony Manzi FCIH

Principal Lecturer


I am Head of Geography, Environment and Planning. My research interests are in urban governance, the politics of planning and housing and community engagement.


Tony Manzi is Head of Geography, Environment and Planning, He was previously Reader in Housing and course leader for the MA Housing Practice at the University of Westminster. His main research interests are in applying social theory to understand the politics of planning, urban governance and community involvement. Tony completed his PhD - on managing change in the housing association sector - in 2006 at University College London. His recent publications include work on the financialisation of housing, community engagement, professionalism in housing practice and localism. He has previously worked for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Notting Hill Housing Trust.

Principal Lecturer


Department of the Natural and Built Environment

Social Sciences and Arts

I am currently working on a study of social responsibility amongst social landlords.

Geography, Environment and Planning


I am currently working on a study of social responsibility amongst social landlords.


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Book chapters

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Manzi, T., Lucas, K., Lloyd-Jones, T., & Allen, J. (2010). Social sustainability in urban areas: Communities, connectivity and the urban fabric.

Other activities

External examiner - MSc Housing Studies, University of Glasgow

Postgraduate supervision

Melanie Lindsley - 'The role of statutory consultees in the planning process'

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