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Dr Vasileios Pasialis

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Dr Vasileios P Pasialis

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Dr. Vasileios Pasialis is a mechanical and aeronautical engineer, previously participated in European Research Projects. He received both his engineering diploma and PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at University of Patras, Greece and is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Sheffield Hallam University. His research focuses on experimental fracture mechanics.


Dr Pasialis's current post-doctoral research involves the assessment of fracture toughness parameters using digital image correlation. He was an active member of the Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials (LTSM) and participated in two European Research Projects (FP7-transport theme “ADVISE”, FP7-NMP theme “VANESSA”). During his PhD, he got involved in finite element modelling, materials testing and optical measurements, processed by digital image correlation and image decomposition with orthogonal moments. His secondary expertise involves the assessment of mechanical degradation of reinforcing steel rebars due to corrosion. He has six publications in peer-reviewed journals and two in conferences. He is also an active member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Hellenic Metallurgical Society and the recipient of an academic award by the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Areas of Interest:
- Fracture mechanics
- Digital Image Correlation
- Computational solid mechanics
- Validation of numerical simulations
- Corrosion of steel rebars
- Mechanical Testing (tensile, fatigue, low-velocity impact, three-point bending)
- Data Post-Processing


EPSRC: Innovative Forging and Fabrication Solutions for the Nuclear Industry
Project’s objective is to conduct novel experiments to characterise mechanical properties of formed and thick
section components from large forgings. Initial work will focus on developing the specimen design and test strategy using 3D Digital Image Correlation (3DDIC) to obtain Crack Tip Opening Angle (CTOA) resistance curves for the material; post weld heat treated conditions will be of primary concern.
The project team consists of six partners: Forgemasters International Ltd, Nuclear AMRC, TWI Ltd, Rolls-Royce, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

FP7-Transport Theme: ADVISE
ADVISE was a pre-normative project for experimental validation of simulations of dynamic events using full-field optical methods of deformation measurement.
he objectives of the project were:
- optimisation of methodologies for both optical measurement and computational modelling and simulation of non-linear, transient dynamic events;
- contributions to standardisation activity for experimental validation of dynamic simulations.

The project consortium included industrial partners (Airbus UK; Dantec Dynamics, DE; High Performance Space Structure Systems, DE; Centro Ricerche Fiat, IT), government supported research laboratories (EC-JRC-IHCP; EMPA, CH), and universities (Michigan State, US; Liverpool, UK; Patras, GR).

The innovative aspects of the project included the first attempt to provide a unified approach to experimental validation of engineering simulations of primary structures, the development of reference materials for optical dynamic deformation measurement, and a major contribution to standardisation.

The VANESSA project was the continuation of the previous successful FP7 ADVISE and FP5 SPOTS projects. The goal of the VANESSA project was to establish a validation methodology and the associated calibration procedures within a standards framework, and to promote the adoption of the methodology within the European industrial and scientific communities.

The VANESSA project team consisted of eight partners from five European countries: University of Liverpool, EMPA-Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, University of Patras, Dantec Dynamics GmbH, HPS - High Performance Space Structure Systems GmbH, SNV-Swiss Association for Standardization, CRF-Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. and NNL-National Nuclear Laboratories.

The final outcome of the project was the establishment of a CEN standard for the validation of numerical simulations.


Journal articles

Lampeas, G., Pasialis, V., Lin, X., & Patterson, E. (2015). On the validation of solid mechanics models using opticalmeasurements and data decomposition. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 52, 92-107.

Pasialis, V., & Lampeas, G. (2015). Shape descriptors and mapping methods for full-fieldcomparison of experimental to simulation data. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 256, 203-221.

Lampeas, G., & Pasialis, V. (2013). A hybrid framework for nonlinear dynamic simulations including full-field optical measurements and image decomposition algorithms. Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 48 (1), 5-15.

Lampeas, G., Pasialis, V., Siebert, T., Feligiotti, M., & Pipino, A. (2011). Validation of impact simulations of a car bonnet by full-field optical measurements. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 70, 57-62.

Apostolopoulos, C., & Pasialis, V. (2010). Effects of Corrosion and Ribs on Low Cycle FatigueBehavior of Reinforcing Steel Bars S400. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 19 (3), 385-394.

Apostolopoulos, C., & Pasialis, V. (2008). Use of quality indices in comparison of corroded technical steel bars B500c and S500s on their mechanical performance basis. Construction and Building Materials, 22 (12), 2325-2334.

Conference papers

Lampeas, G., & Pasialis, V. (2014). Computational model validation of structural components byfull-field optical measurements. In 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM), Barcelona, Spain, 20 July 2014 - 25 July 2014.

Lampeas, G., & Pasialis, V. (2012). On the use of optical methods in the validation of non-linear dynamic simulations of sandwich structures. 14th International Congress on Mesomechanics, Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 25-28, 2012.

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