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Vincenzo Starinieri

Dr Vincenzo Starinieri MSc, PhD

Research Fellow


Vincenzo is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Infrastructure Management at the Materials and Engineering Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University. He holds a PhD in Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Bologna and a Master's Degree in Geology from the University of Chieti. Before joining Sheffield Hallam University in April 2013, he spent two and a half years as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Bradford working on the EU (FP7) funded project ROCARE (Roman Cements for Architectural Restoration to New High Standards).

  • About

    Vincenzo specialises in the characterisation of masonry materials, the investigation of their degradation phenomena and the development of materials and technologies for their conservation and repair. His expertise includes physical properties of pastes and mortars made from hydrated limes, hydraulic limes, and natural and Portland cements; and the interaction between mortars and porous substrates within masonry structures.

    Specialist areas of interest:

    - Low carbon construction materials and technologies for new and retrofit applications.    

    - Low-energy, high-performance mortars for both conservation and new-build applications.

  • Research

    • Centre for Infrastructure Management
    • Materials and Engineering Research Institute

    Current Projects:

    • Introduction of nanolime in a museum context (SHU – AHRC PhD Fellowship)
    • Insulating binder for plant based materials (InnovateUK Open Call)
    • Nano-lime as a consolidation method in built heritage conservation (SHU's Vice Chancellor PhD Fellowship)
    • An investigation into the design of a less than zero carbon structural unit for construction purposes (HEIF's Impact Fellowship scheme)
    • Development of high performance material nanocomposites for lightweight construction (Iraqi Embassy PhD Fellowship)
  • Publications

  • Consultancy

    Vincenzo offers a range of services such as

    • mortar analysis for the determination of the cause of deterioration or failure of a mortar and the specification of new mortar for repair
    • Drilling Resistance Measuring System (DRMS) for evaluating the state of conservation of masonry materials, the effectiveness of consolidation treatments, and the quality of quarry materials and cast stone products'
    • building stone analysis for the identification of the type and source of stone and the sourcing of an acceptable replacement
    • testing of mortar consistence, air content, water retention, workable life, water absorption by capillarity, water vapour permeability, porosity, shrinkage, adhesive strength and mechanical strength
    • testing of thermal conductivity of insulating materials
    • quantitative pore structure characterisation of solid materials by means of mercury intrusion porosimetry
    • accelerated weathering testing for the determination of the effect of prolonged outdoor exposure on a wide range of materials
    • particle size analysis of powder materials

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