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Yvonne Rinkart

Dr Yvonne Rinkart

Lecturer in Human Geography


Yvonne is a Lecturer in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment. Prior to joining Sheffield Hallam University, she worked at Aberystwyth University.

  • About

    Yvonne graduated with PhD from Aberystwyth University, where she worked across disciplines and departments. Her PhD project, titled The Production of Airport Space: The Times, Spaces and Bodies of International Aviation, was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, ESRC.  

    Her main interest is in infrastructure, particularly international aviation, which she discusses from the perspective of critical human geographies. Her research discusses airport architecture, operations, and planning, labour relations in the aviation industry and aircraft noise in urban neighbourhoods. Committed to research-informed teaching, she uses this research expertise to guide her teaching in the Department of the Natural and Build Environment. 

    Yvonne is fluent in German and English. She also speaks French, and she is studying Mandarin Chinese. 

  • Teaching

    Yvonne teaches across undergraduate courses at all levels in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment. Building on her academic interests, she teaches on the modules Critical Geographies, Development and Sustainability, and Explorations in Urban Geography. Building on her research experience, she teaches on Research Methods in Environmental, Geographical and Social Science, and Advanced Fieldwork. She also supervises dissertation students. 

    Yvonne has interdisciplinary teaching experience at pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is currently qualifying as HEA Fellow, as well as undertaking training to become a postgraduate supervisor. 

  • Research

    Yvonne is interested in critical perspectives in human geography, including mobility studies, science and technology studies, new materialism, performance, feminism and intersectionality. Yvonne’s current research considers the space of international airports by discussing both passengers’ perspectives and the experiences of airport employees and of residents of nearby neighbourhoods. 

    She also publishes on the work of Henri Lefebvre, focussing on the processual aspects of his thinking and critically interrogating the application of his work in the contemporary context. 

    She regularly attends national and international conferences which help position her research and teaching at the cutting-edge of contemporary critical geography. 

    She is currently developing collaborative research on air cargo and regional airports. 

  • Publications

    Rinkart, Yvonne (in press) Henri  Lefebvre  and  the  production  of  theory:  A  ghost  story. In The Routledge Handbook of Critical International Relations.

  • Other activities

    Yvonne is an editor for a number of journals and book projects, where she support colleagues to develop their work.

    Conference Presentations: 
     ‘'A Tensing Up In My Shoulders Whenever The Planes Go Overhead': The Embodied Politics Of Urban Aircraft Noise’. Paper to be presented at 5th European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), Groningen, June 2018 
    ‘Being Objective?: material and embodied dimensions of fieldwork’. Invited Workshop at the Gregynog Ideas Lab VI, 10 – 15 July, 2017.  
    ‘Hearing Globalisation: The Social Geographies of Aircraft Noise’. Presentation at the Gregynog Ideas Lab V, 11- 16 July, 2016.  

    ‘One bag in six seconds, nine tonnes in a shift: a new perspective on the politics of mobility’. Presentation at the ISR research group, Department of Politics and International Studies, Warwick University, February 2016.  

    ‘Cleaning the Mobility Machine: Terminal Cleaners’ Contribution to the Production of Airport Space’. Presentation at the Gregynog Ideas Lab IV, Gregynog Hall, July 2015.  

    ‘Airborne Disease: Fear of the Aeromobile Other’. Presentation with Matthew Campbell (Aberystwyth) at the Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium. Aberystwyth University, May 2015 

    ‘The Border that was not. Or was it?’. Presentation at the 2015 Political Geography Speciality Group Preconference. DePaul University, April 2015.  

    'Airport Stories – Integrating other people's experiences in my research ', Paper presented at the Postpone (Postgraduate Post-structural and Critical Network) Peer-Review Workshop, King's College London, October 2014. 

    'Taking the Doppelgänger for a Walk – Challenges of Identity Construction at Modern Airports', Paper presented at The Stories We Tell Ourselves - Postgraduate Conference of the Department of English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University, May 2014. 

    '”Practicing Heathrow” - The Spatial Practice of Globalisation', Paper presented at the 12th Annual Aberystwyth-Lancaster Colloquium, University of Warwick, June 2014. 

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