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Opening times and admissions

The nursery is open for around 50 weeks a year, normally closing for one week at Christmas and one week at August bank holiday. We are also closed for bank holidays and three staff training days per year. Sessions are

Morning 8am-1pm
Afternoon 1-6pm

We regret that we are unable to provide half-day places for children in the baby groups.

You may deliver or collect your child at any time during the session except during lunchtime (between 12.15–1pm for the older groups and 12–1.30pm for baby groups). At the end of the day, please ensure you arrive in time to leave the nursery by 6pm.

Contracts and booking sessions

The nursery operates a contract system for places. You can reserve places for a full or part-year. See student contracts and non-student contracts for more details.

Waiting lists

We recommend that parents put their child's name on the waiting list early. Waiting lists for children under three years of age are longer than for over-threes. To put your name on the waiting list, please contact the nursery or complete our online initial application form.

The following priority system is currently in place within our Nursery

Priority will be given firstly to Sheffield Hallam University students, then to University staff and then to people that are not connected to the University. Within these categories, places will be allocated in order of date of application. Read our admissions policy.

There are usually some sessions vacant and it is always worth contacting the nursery to see if we have the sessions you need. We will do everything possible to accommodate your children.

In an emergency (for example, if your normal childcare arrangements break down) we may be able to allocate a short-term placement, or even a single session.

Settling in

Starting at a new nursery can be a very anxious time for both parent and child. In order to do this with the minimum of upset, we ask you to make special arrangements to settle your child in gradually.

In September, this is done by arranging that all children to attend a certain number of short sessions during the first two weeks of term. These settling sessions are compulsory because we have so many new children in the Autumn term, and it has been proved to make this time easier for parents, children and nursery staff.

Children starting at other times should, whenever possible, also have short sessions to settle them in. Staff will discuss this with you at your preliminary visit and make suitable arrangements. Usually, staff will request that you leave the child with them at a time when they can arrange to pay him or her special attention.

We know that parents are often very anxious about leaving their children - please try not to communicate this to the child. If you are worried, you may telephone the nursery at any time, even shortly after you leave, if you wish to know how your child is.

If your child does not attend during the summer, it is a very good idea to book a couple of settling-in sessions in September. Three or four months is a very long period in a child's life and s/he may need help readjusting.

The transition from another nursery or crèche may also be stressful. It is very important, therefore, to consider each case separately.

Safety and security

The Nursery has a comprehensive range of safeguarding procedures to protect children. You may ask to see these at the nursery. We ask that you follow our instructions regarding closing gates and doors.

Collecting your child

Normally only people previously named to us can collect your child. If in an emergency a different person needs to collect your child, we ask you to ensure they can identify themselves and that you use a password.

With co-operation and care from all our staff and parents, no-one can enter the nursery without knowing the security code or being let in by a member of staff.

Safety practices

The safety of your children is our prime concern and we will always listen to parents' concerns or suggestions. In addition we have a number of procedures designed to keep children secure. You can view these at the nursery.

Information for distance learners

If your course is studied via distance learning, you are unlikely to want to use the nursery regularly but you may need childcare on occasions when you do come into University. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate you.

However, we do not operate a drop-in service and can only accommodate your children if there are vacancies within the nursery. Please contact the nursery in advance so we can check availability and inform staff.

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