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Staff and groups

Nursery groups

The Nursery is divided into separate groups named

  • Baby Crocodiles
  • Baby Pandas
  • Big Pandas
  • Tigers

Each group has rooms designed to give children suitable surroundings for full day care. There are areas for activities including art and craft, sand, water collage, baking, floor play, and places to relax in comfort.

Please note that in all groups the age range will vary by up to three months. We can take babies from three months.

Baby Crocs is a group of 9 children aged between 6 and 24 months.

Baby Pandas is a group of 9 children aged between 6 and 24 months.

Big Pandas is a group of 20 children normally aged between 2 and 3 years.

Tigers is a group of 24 children normally aged between 3 and 5 years.

Nursery staff

We aim to provide the highest standard of care and we therefore employ staff with a range of qualifications and experience, and from a range of backgrounds.

The staff team consists of qualified nursery nurses with two deputy childcare services managers, one holding Early Years Professional Status, and a childcare services manager. All nursery nurses are qualified to at least an NVQ Level 3. Nursery staff are encouraged to develop their knowledge through further training and education. Training sessions and staff meetings are held regularly so that staff can keep abreast of current issues and discuss any problems.

We are fortunate to have experienced and qualified staff, many of whom have been with us for several years. The staff are the most important resource of any nursery. They do a very demanding job and continually try to improve the standard of service.

All staff have a Disclosure and Baring Service check in place before they work with the children.

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Staff ratios

Staff ratios in groups are as prescribed by law and are:

  • Children aged 0–2 - one member of staff to three children
  • Children aged 2–3 - one member of staff to four children
  • Children aged 3–5 - one member of staff to eight children

We also have a full time manager, a part time deputy manager and two part time administrators.

Continuity of care

We think continuity of care is very important for children in daycare and do everything we can to minimise changes for your child. We always try to keep children with the same peer group, and as much as possible with the same staff. We limit the number of part-time staff for this reason. This gives the children a very stable and secure pre-school experience and enables them to form strong relationships with peers and staff.

Moving to another group

We manage the move from one group to another very sensitively so that children settle in with a minimum of upset. All children visit other groups, do activities with mixed groups, and are familiar with many of the Nursery staff. This means they are already familiar with other rooms and staff. When they are moving from one group to the next the staff will plan a series of visits to the new group. Parents will be informed at all stages and the new staff will make sure they get to know you before the move.

If a child is on a long vacation before the move, it will be necessary to make special arrangements for settling into the new group. We do try to consider friendship groups when moving children but cannot guarantee moving friends together.

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