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Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research (STEER)

Shaping the student experience

Who we are

Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research (STEER) supports the needs of our learning community, as identified through the generation, evaluation and analysis of student and sector information. This includes evaluations and surveys, as well as student engagement activity at all levels of our formal and informal structures. Our aim is to inform and develop practice within the University and across the sector, to improve the student experience.

Our Directorate supports the overarching drive for a transformative student experience through its use of evidence-based research to identify and develop effective practices. We evaluate the real impact of activities intended to deliver excellence, working across the university community and in the sector, applying new and established research methodologies. We use evidence-informed approaches to student engagement to create and share knowledge and good practice.

What we offer

Contact us

Visit our blog for upcoming events and workshops and our reflections of the current HE landscape, and to meet the team!

Follow us on Twitter @SHU_StEER for announcements and updates from the whole STEER Directorate

For general enquiries or specific queries about any of our work streams email steer@shu.ac.uk

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