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Active travel and safety

Active travel and safety

We encourage you to use active forms of travel whenever you can to reduce your carbon emissions. Here is how you can stay safe doing so.

Active travel options

Staff and students can hire a bike 24/7 in Sheffield at seven locations across the city from just £2 through the ByCycle Bike Share Scheme. There is also a comprehensive cycle map available for the city which allows you to work out the best routes to most places within the city.

The University provides facilities for both staff and students to encourage active travel. The following maps show both bike racks and shower facilities at our two campuses available for use by all active travellers.

Staying safe

For travel between our two main campuses, there is an almost completely flat, so we have a suggested safe cycling route identified

If you are cycling in Sheffield, please take care as steep inclines and tram tracks can be challenging. A short guide has been produced to help summarise the best way to approach Sheffield's obstacles

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