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Games Britannia 2019

Date: From Wednesday 26 June 2019 to Thursday 27 June 2019
Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus

Games Britannia Videogames Education Festival

The 2019 Games Britannia Videogames Education Festival will take place on the 26th-27th June. The core of the festival focuses on providing free hands-on workshops to KS3 – KS5 students and all the activities will take place within the modern facilities of the Cantor Building at Sheffield Hallam University. 

The Games Britannia Festival brings creativity and technology together, providing schools and colleges with workshops and activities led by games industry experts and academics. Started in 2011 by Brinsworth Comprehensive School, it is now run by the Research Department (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University as part of a range of initiatives which attempt to engage students and teachers in Computer Science. However, programming is just one facet of the Games Britannia festival, which incorporates areas of the curriculum as diverse as English, Maths, Computing, Music and Art – all through the exciting field of videogame development.

Workshops Include:
• Impact VR- Experience the heightened levels of immersion provided to games, and discover some of the potential future applications of this exciting technology. Learn about the practical applications of VR and ways that Sheffield Hallam University’s research centre is using immersive technologies within healthcare
• Concept Art- This workshop will give an overview of concept art and designing ideas. Covering fundamental topics of art & design in a simplistic way and apply the learning to create your own designs such as a main hero character or villain
• PS4 Programming- Supported by PlayStation® First, this workshop provides a rare opportunity to gain access to the world’s largest PlayStation® teaching facilities at Sheffield Hallam University
• Unreal- This workshop will provide hands – on experience using Epic’s state of the art Unreal 4 game engine. You will start with the general design process and ending with a playable demo utilising work from our research centre rehab project
• Motion Capture- Modern videogames often use motion capture to increase the realism of animated characters. This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to act out the role of your favourite videogame character
• Pimoroni- Pimoroni stands for Pirate, Monkey, Robot, Ninja (Pi-Mo-Ro-Ni) and they are on a mission to show the fun things that can be made using electronics. In this workshop, you will find out how to build and wire up alternative controllers for games, a motion sensor based one, a sound sensitive one, a games mat, or just a lot of cardboard and buttons

Check out the website for more information and the workshop schedule.

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