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Role Models

Could you be a role model for young people?

Personal stories are so powerful, they can help people in similar situations feel reassured and inspired that they too can achieve their goals.  Role Models and their journeys can also help others to understand and empathise with experiences which are very different from their own, encouraging them to act differently or show support.  We at Hallam believe providing students in our region access to these personal stories, journeys and experiences will have a positive benefit to student's interest in exploring their options, realising their potential or raising aspirations for the future.  

This project aims to complement the work of the Widening Participation and Outreach team and create opportunities for students in South Yorkshire to access these role models from our current student body and alumni in multiple ways such as inspiring stories, case studies, assemblies etc.

Read on to find out how you can get involved!

Our offer

We see your stories as inspirational - as do our future students, so putting fears at ease, talking about any barriers you faced and how you overcame these or what you wish you had known, are the things we want to hear!

Current students and alumni can get involved in many different ways and choose which level of activity is right for you.  These are detailed below, or you can get in touch for more information.

Why should I get involved?
  • It's a great opportunity to support and inspire students from your local area 
  • You can develop and improve skills such as critical reflection, presentation and public speaking which can add to your CV profile
  • Your contribution to the project could be used as an opportunity to develop your graduate attributes and can contribute to your submission for the Hallam Award

How to get involved:

In each section below you'll find information about each level of activity - you can choose to get involved in just 1, or several of the opportunities outlined.

  • Bronze (5 Minutes)

    Share your top tips about what you learnt on your path to University.

    What do you wish you had known about UCAS, personal statements, choosing the right course or settling in and making new friends? Share your advice with someone sat in your old classroom, so the maze is a little easier for them to navigate! Fill in this quick form with your best 3 tips and email to

  • Silver (20 Minutes)

    Share your story about your university experience in a 'journey snapshot'

    Through university, you will have gained a wide range of experiences which you can share with younger students who are thinking about their next steps. Fill in this form with your thoughts and experiences, along with a clear picture of yourself to add a more personal touch to your story. Please email completed forms to

  • Gold (1-2 Hours)

    This is your opportunity to get more involved with young people themselves by going in to your old school/college and delivering an assembly, presentation or group discussion on the different aspects of your university journey.  This is a self-directed activity; however we have a booklet and toolkit which gives you all the information you'll need.  If you're interested in taking part in this level please get in touch with us.

  • Platinum (A few hours or ongoing activity)

    This includes the Gold level activity, which could be on a more regular basis dependant on demand. Again, please get in touch if you're interested.

    Our collaborative partners also have a number of opportunities which may interest you...

    There is potential to join our Student Ambassador Scheme - this would be developing the gold activity level on a more sustained basis (current students only)

    South Yorkshire Futures is developing a talent bank of regional employers, current students, alumni and university staff who will support school and college volunteering opportunities and provide young people with access to local role models 

    Future First is working directly with alumni on behalf of subscribing schools/colleges to build a community of volunteers 

    Alumni opportunities for recent SHU graduates (alumni only)

How will we use your contributions?

The information you provide will be published on our websites and in communication materials circulated to schools and colleges (submissions may be edited for clarity and size)

Get in touch

To find out more information, ask questions or express your interest in the Gold or Platinum activity levels, please feel free to contact the Widening Participation and Outreach team via email:

Data protection / Privacy Notice

The privacy of students is important to us and the University takes care to safeguard it. Your information will be stored securely and used in compliance with data protection law.  If you choose to get involved with any stage of the project we will share your data with the collaborative partners working on the programme of activity (HeppSY+ or South Yorkshire Futures etc.) where appropriate.  The information you provide will be published on our website and in communication materials circulated to schools and colleges (submissions may be edited for clarity and size).  We may also contact you from time to time for your feedback and the development of the project.

Please note you are able to change your mind about being involved in the project at any time, however, published documents may be difficult to recall.  Please get in touch if at any point you have questions about how the information you share with us will be stored and used.

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