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Policy, planning and reporting

Working to reduce our environmental impacts

Sheffield Hallam University is committed to reducing environmental impacts of all activities across the organisation. Through accreditation to the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system, sustainability is embedded through the core of the business; all policies and key documents are reviewed and signed off by senior management, with values embedded in the University Strategy. This recognises the need for sustainability to underpin all future activities and pledges investment in developments with this in mind.

The University's overarching environmental policy aligns with the areas identified as most environmentally significant through the accredited environmental and energy management systems. The policy has been developed with Management Review Members for each system. The document also highlights key responsibilities including the continued commitment to resource sustainability and environmental management.

This is supported by policies developed and owned by other areas of the organisation, such as the Ethical Investment Policy which has facilitated the university's decision to divest from fossil fuels. These policies include

The Environmental Plan translates the Environmental Policy commitments into practical environmental improvements through short and long term targets against measurable KPIs. The Plan is refreshed annually alongside the Policy to reflect ongoing university developments, with both reviewed and approved by top management.

The Management Review Groups have ongoing oversight of the plan and its targets, with progress reported to the group at quarterly intervals throughout the year. Annual reports of progress against targets are produced; these are also reported to and approved by the management review groups and top management. The most recent annual report was published in February 2020 to reflect the 2018–19 year.

This is communicated both externally, through online publication and distribution at events such as open days, and internally. Internal communications ensure staff and students are engaged and aware of progress against our targets as well as having an oversight of framework objectives. Our green champions and partners distribute the report and ongoing engagement is achieved through campaigns reflecting our priorities throughout the year.

Current targets outlined in the Environmental Plan have been developed from those initially identified through the carbon management plan (CMP). The CMP was developed in 2009 in line with HEFCE requirements and refreshed in 2011 to extend the deadlines from 2014–15 to 2020–21, however the new Environmental Plan has revoked these 2020–21 targets to reflect both the sector and current university priorities and practices

Please direct and comments or feedback to the sustainability team.

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