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Guidance for health and social care selection events

At Sheffield Hallam University we attract and support a diverse range of individuals to our health and social care courses. Our students come from a range of backgrounds with different life experiences, but they all have one thing in common.

A desire to help people and to make a difference to someone's life.

If your application has met our minimum entry criteria you will be invited to a selection event. Please note: If you are applying for a part-time course your selection event will take place over the phone.

The selection event is the next stage of your application and we make offers based on your performance.

We want you to feel comfortable at the event, so we've put together some questions and answers about our selection events to help you prepare and feel at ease.

  • What is a selection event?

    If you are successful in meeting our minimum entry criteria through what you have included on your UCAS application form, you will be invited to the next stage in the application process, which is to attend one of our selection events.

    For International students applying to the university the selection process will take place over the phone/ via skype for your convenience.

    This is an opportunity for us to find out more about each other, for you to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen profession and a chance for us to show you what is special about studying at Sheffield Hallam.

    Attending a selection event doesn't mean you are guaranteed a place on the course so we do recommend preparing for your selection event before hand to give you the best chance of success.

  • When will my selection event take place?

    If you are invited to a selection event or call, you will receive an email to confirm the details.

    Please note: When attending a selection event in person you should arrive 30 minutes before the start time so you can register. If you're delayed on the way to the event or having problems attending a scheduled call, please ring 0114 225 5555 and ask for Admissions.

  • What will happen during the selection event?

    You will have a 10-20 minute time slot where we will discuss with you your passion for the subject, your knowledge of the career and the challenges the health and social care sector currently faces. We will also talk with you about your suitability for the course. We want to be confident this is the right path for you.

    Some of our courses also include the following additional tasks at their selection events, and can take up to half a day to complete.

    • A 15-minute presentation by a member of the course team. For some courses a short film may be shown which will then trigger some questions in the face to face discussion.
    • A 15-45-minute communication and teamwork group exercise - you will be given a task to do, or a brief scenario to read/or a video to watch, and discuss in your group. Once the group has made decisions regarding the scenarios or completed their activities, there will be a short presentation.
    • A short film may be shown which depicts people who have had health issues; this will then trigger some of the questions.
    • 20-minute written task

    Please read this document (PDF) to find out which of these activities you will undertake for your chosen course.

    Your performance will be scored individually for each task and will directly inform our decision whether to offer you a place on the course. For physiotherapy, occupational therapy, paramedic science, diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and oncology and operating department practice and dietetics courses please look at the scoring criteria (PDF) against which performance at the selection event is measured. Service users are an integral part of the selection process and have influenced the design of many of our selection event exercises.

  • What else can I experience?

    Where possible you will have an opportunity to meet and talk with our current students on the day. You will also be able to explore campus life.

    There are other ways you can see our campuses and accommodation too, including our weekly student-led tours.

  • Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

    Please have a think about how your experiences and skills will lend themselves to your chosen profession. At the selection event we want you to be able to demonstrate an insight into your chosen profession and if relevant to your course be familiar with the NHS values and behaviours described in the NHS constitution that you will need to uphold.

    For further information on the standards required of students in the allied health professions and social work please take a look at the Health and Care professions code of conduct and ethics.

    For further information on the standards required of students in nursing and midwifery professions please refer to the following; Nursing and Midwifery Council's code of conduct

    If you wish to gain some help and advice with preparing for selection events we'd welcome you at one of our application support sessions.

    To book please click here.

  • What are we looking for?

    We want to talk to you about any experience or skills you have which will benefit your application and your chosen profession. Your skills might have been gained as part of a programme of study or in a paid or voluntary capacity, and don't always need to come from within a care setting. Interacting with people with different life experiences will have helped you develop a deeper level of understanding of the diversity of the population who access health and social care.

    During your selection event please explain what your learning has been from any of your experiences, demonstrating an understanding of the profession and a genuine, reasoned commitment to studying a professional course.

    We're looking for you to demonstrate:

    • A good understanding of current issues facing service users/patients and the health and social care sector.
    • An understanding of the values required to work within health and social care.
    • A well-developed, clear and realistic understanding of the profession and an awareness of what being a professional means. This should be supported by examples gained from your experience.
    • Awareness of placement learning requirements.
  • Who is involved in the selection events?

    Members of the course team will be present and may also be joined by placement learning partners, current students and service users.

  • What do I need to bring with me to the selection event?

    • Photographic identification
      You must also bring photographic identification (photo ID). If possible please bring a passport or photo driving license. If you do not own either of these, other forms of photographic identification will be sufficient for the selection event but should you be offered a place on the course you will be required to present further official identification documentation to complete the professional suitability checks referred to above.
  • What should I wear?

    Please wear clothes which you feel are appropriate to attend a selection event for a professional course.

  • Disability support

    If you have a disability (this includes sensory and physical disabilities, dyslexia, mental health conditions and medical conditions), please read this document (PDF) and consider the activities that will take place at your selection event.

    If you feel that you will need some support for example, a sign language interpreter, notetaker, materials provided in a different format or wheelchair access, please contact our events team on (0114) 225 5584 or at The selection team will then be able to discuss with you what adjustments you might require to be organised.

    The Disability Disclosure booklet (PDF) provides information for students on courses in health and social care. The information in the booklet will help you understand the importance of disclosing your disability at the earliest possible stage in both the application process and for your time on placement when you have enrolled on a course. Evidence suggests that students who disclose their disability early are much more likely to reach their potential, because they can receive the support they need to achieve.

  • Inclusion at the selection event

    We welcome everyone to Sheffield Hallam University and want to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. If you wish to disclose any information with us, such as a change in name or any other personal status that you feel is relevant this will be treated sensitively and fairly, ensuring you are represented impartially at your selection event. Please contact our events team on (0114) 225 5584 or at

  • Travelling to a selection event

    Your selection event will take place at one of the following locations, Aspect Court in the city centre, Robert Winston Building, Heart of the Campus or The Mews at the Collegiate Campus.

    Aspect Court is located at 40 Pond Hill, Sheffield S1 2BG in the city centre, conveniently located near the Sheffield Bus Interchange and train station. Please use this map to help you find the building: City Centre Campus Map.

    The Heart of the Campus and The Mews are both located on Collegiate Crescent, whereas the Robert Winston Building is located on Broomhall Road, just off Collegiate Crescent. If you are travelling by car please be aware there are no car parks and extremely limited on-street parking near Collegiate Campus. We recommend parking in the city and walking or travelling by public transport to the campus. Buses are frequent and take just 15 minutes, they stop on Ecclesall Road at the bottom of Collegiate Crescent. You can get the number 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 or 88 directly to Collegiate Campus from the top of Fargate in the city centre.

    Please use this map to help you find the buildings: Collegiate Crescent Campus Map (PDF, 3.56 MB)

    To find the Robert Winston building on Google Maps, use: Robert Winston Bldg, Sheffield

    Some of our selection events can take up to half a day to complete, so please make flexible travel arrangements for your journey home.

  • What happens after my selection event?

    We will not be able to tell you the decision on the day, but we will let you know the result as soon as possible. 

    If you have applied through UCAS, our decision will be communicated via UCAS Track, so please check your account regularly. If you have applied to us directly, we will communicate our decision via email.

    You will receive one of the following decisions.

    Conditional offer you must meet specific conditions, which may be academic and/or non-academic conditions before you can be accepted on the course. If the conditions are met, the offer becomes unconditional.

    Unconditional offer this is made when you have met the specific conditions we’ve asked for.

    All offers will be also be subject to completing all the professional suitability checks.

    All applicants who accept Sheffield Hallam University as their firm choice will be sent an email invite to start completing professional checks (suitability declarations, criminal record and health checks) which are a pre-requisite to enrolment. You will receive an email a week after accepting your offer but no earlier than 5 months prior to the course start date.

    Unsuccessful we are not able to offer you a place on the course. We do not feel that you have demonstrated the necessary skills or experience to be successful at this time; however this does not prevent you from applying in future, should you undertake further study or develop your skills and experience. For individual feedback on the decision you can contact

    Please don't give up or be disheartened: If you wish to gain some help, support and advice on reapplying, preparing for selection events and building your skills for your next application, we'd welcome you at one of our application support sessions.

    To book please click here.

  • Overseas applicants - what happens after I've accepted Sheffield Hallam as my firm choice?

    You'll be invited by email to complete a series of professional checks before you leave your home country. It is essential that you complete these checking before travelling to the UK as it will be difficult to obtain this information from the UK.

    The professional checks include

    • providing a reference of good character from your country
    • applying for a UK criminal record check, which is necessary for you to complete the work placements required by your course
    • completing and passing a health questionnaire
    • requesting your immunisation history from your doctor or hospital

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