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At the AWRC our vision is to transform lives through innovations that help people move. To achieve our vision, we bring together multiple academic disciplines together from Sheffield Hallam University and create meaningful partnerships to co-produce research with industry, local communities, local authorities, charities and the health and technology sectors.

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The convergence of ideas, disciplines, sectors and technology at the AWRC leads to new ways of preventing and treating chronic disease.

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AWRC research is organised into three impact themes. We also have two strategic programmes that target a key market need or population group.

Projects sitting under our Health Innovation pillar bring together patients, clinicians and researchers to generate solutions to 'real-world' problems that can be scaled regionally, nationally and globally. These projects typically include pioneering healthcare services, delivered by project partners from our fully NHS-compliant clinical floor and physical activity suite. This model drives health innovation while simultaneously benefiting local communities and contributing to our civic and place agenda.

Read about our 2021 REF results here

The AWRC is the research hub for the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield, translating knowledge from elite sport into the health sector to drive innovation in the promotion of physical activity as part of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy.

Our research and innovation utilises Sheffield as a ‘living laboratory’ to explore ‘what works’ to promote physical activity, health and wellbeing and scale these innovations to the rest of the UK and internationally.

Get in touch

Contact the AWRC to discuss facilities, partnerships, doctoral research and more

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AWRC Research Themes

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Healthy and Active 100

Prioritising research and innovation that prevents disease and supports people into 100 years of healthy and active life.

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Living Well with Chronic Disease

Exploring the management and treatment of chronic disease, such as cancer, stroke, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes and mental health, through physical activity as a therapy.

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Technological and Digital Innovations to Promote Independent Lives

Focusing on the development and application of new and emerging technologies to help people move, improving health and wellbeing across the population.

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AWRC Strategic Programmes

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Focusing on optimising rehabilitation outcomes for people with neurological changes.

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Systems, Services and Strategy in Health and Care

Enabling the AWRC to develop implementation methods that sustain a partnership infrastructure and capacity to contribute to health and wellbeing.

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AWRC Health Innovation Projects

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Active Together

Working with Yorkshire Cancer Research and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals create innovations in cancer prehab and rehab.

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Researcher using a piece of specialised equipment from The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

Transforming Sheffield into the most active city in the UK

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Two staff members using equipment in one of the facilities

Research and Innovation for Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation (RICOVR)

Exploring what does and doesn't work when recovering from Covid-19.

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