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The Hallam Collective

The Hallam Collective is an online community which makes staying in touch with like-minded business professionals from all over the world even easier.

Benefits of joining

  • Get support from a growing network of experienced Sheffield Hallam alumni to help further your career and explore new opportunities - you can use the 'Directory' to search for fellow alumni who are willing to help.
  • Broaden your professional networks and make new connections with alumni business contacts.
  • Help others on their career paths by sharing your experience and expertise.

It’s simple to join

It takes less than two minutes to join - create a new account or sign in using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
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Hallam Collective mentoring

The Hallam Collective allows you to become a Sheffield Hallam mentor or enhance your knowledge as a mentee.

Why become a mentor?

  • Help your alumni peers along their career path by sharing your experience and knowledge.
  • Keep up to date with the latest theory and practises from our students and new graduates.
  • Improve your people management, relationship building and communication skills.

What does mentoring involve?

We would recommend mentoring a maximum of two people and we would suggest one interaction per week via the Hallam Collective with your mentee.

Why become a mentee?

  • Get advice about your career from experienced alumni.
  • Hear from other alumni about their experiences since graduation.

What does being a mentee involve?

Please select one mentor on the Hallam Collective via the 'Directory' - don’t forget to tell them why you would like them to be your mentor. You will then be notified when your mentor accepts your request. As a guide we would suggest one interaction per week via the Hallam Collective with your mentor.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Hallam Collective or mentoring, please contact

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