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Laura Thompson

Creative Writing, class of 2012
Marketing Officer

Laura Thompson

John Milne was my script writing tutor and he was my personal tutor too. I’d meet up with him every few weeks to go over my work. In my second year I started to really struggle with things. I couldn’t do any writing and I didn't know why. I skipped a few classes to lie in bed and wallow, so I'd go to meetings with him and he would talk me through my problems. He helped me to realise that the reason I was struggling was because I was suffering with depression and anxiety at the time. During our meetings he'd encourage me to question my ideas - I used to think he spoke in riddles. I'd go into a session with him and come out thinking, 'What?' But he taught me to question the way I thought about things and to look at things differently.

One day I went into his office to talk about how I was feeling, how my writing was going and generally what I wanted to do. All of a sudden he said, 'Right, come on, get up, were going out.' I was thinking, 'Where are you taking me, where are we going?!' We went out for a walk through the city, through the Peace Gardens and the Winter Gardens. Chatting through my ideas whilst strolling was much better than sat down at a desk with a blank page. It's something I still do now, whenever I'm walking home from work, I always have my best ideas then. I can just let my mind go free.

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