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Easing the Move for Estranged Students

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Easing the Move for Estranged Students

Over the last three years, the Hallam Fund has committed over £26,000 to the Estranged Student Transition Fund to help students who have little or no relationship with their parents settle into their new life at Sheffield Hallam University.

Because the vast majority of estranged students have never had contact with social services, they do not qualify for the assistance available to those leaving care. This can pose many unique challenges which students from more 'traditional' family backgrounds just don't need to think about.

Eleanor studied Psychology at Sheffield Hallam and says that the fund helped her in lots of different ways whilst at Sheffield Hallam.

"I’m extremely grateful for the support I received. University is a unique experience but often people like me who are unable to receive support from their parents struggle with basics. Having that money helped to ensure I had food on campus and was able to pay for university essentials like printing, stationary, and rent. Without the funding, it would have been extremely difficult."

For Chloe, who currently studies Architectural Technology, having the support of the Estranged Transition Fund took a lot of the pressure off of her extended family.

"Without the fund, it would have been a lot more difficult as I only have my grandparents to look after me and with them being on the state pension, I can’t ask them to help me with funding as they barely have enough for themselves. It’s helped me with travelling in terms of getting the bus to university and then the train to get back home."

In November last year, Sheffield Hallam was awarded the Excellence and Innovation Award by the Stand Alone charity for its work supporting estranged students throughout their time at university. The Stand Alone charity aims to increase recognition of the barriers and issues estranged students face in accessing and succeeding at university and Sheffield Hallam is committed to supporting students who face estrangement from their families.

Find out more about how your donations are helping to ensure the welfare of students, regardless of their background, here.

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