Introducing our new crowdfunding website called Hallam Give

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Introducing our new crowdfunding website called Hallam Give

This October, Sheffield Hallam launched its very own crowdfunding website, Hallam Give, to offer students and staff across the University the opportunity to fundraise for their own ideas.

Students can use Hallam Give to crowdfund for the things which inspire them the most, whether this is to get a new product to market, to help the local community or to finalise a design prototype. By using Hallam Give, students develop skills highly sought after by employers, demonstrating entrepreneurialism and creativity as well as making a positive impact on the community.

Aimee is a Psychology student at Sheffield Hallam. She is passionate about mental health and wants to raise awareness of the benefits of fitness to improve wellbeing and body positivity.

Using Hallam Give, Aimee is raising £5000 to create a qualification combining mental wellness and fitness, which she will use to promote the ethos of her company, The Happiness Bootcamp.

She says, 'Recent studies have shown that exercise is as effective as antidepressants, so why aren't we educating on this? Hallam Give has been really helpful for me in reaching new people and allowing me to share my passion for change with so many people.'

KC Bassey is studying Architecture and has successfully raised £2000 for his 'Help the Rough Sleepers' crowdfunding project. With the donations he has received, KC will design and build a prototype for a semi-permanent housing structure for those experiencing homelessness or sleeping rough on the streets.

He says, 'I am extremely excited and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the project. I’m grateful to Hallam Give for the wonderful platform which allowed me to fulfil the first stage of my project successfully.'

Alumni can be directly involved in the success of projects like these by donating to the ideas which interest them the most. In return for a donation, donors receive a small reward and regular updates from the project creator.

Sheffield Hallam has a uniquely enterprising and proactive community. With Hallam Give, students and staff are empowered to build new relationships and take their ideas to the next level and beyond.

Click here to explore the Hallam Give site and take a look at some of the amazing projects our students and staff are fundraising for.

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