Running in support of students seeking asylum

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Running in support of students seeking asylum

Asylum seekers have already overcome insurmountable challenges to find sanctuary in the UK, and they face further obstacles that prevent them from rebuilding their lives once they are here. All alone, in a new country, without the love and support of their family and friends, these students have to restart their lives, all the while worrying about how to make ends meet.

At Sheffield Hallam University, our supporters are advocates of the belief that everyone who's had to flee their home deserves a chance to live again. That's why generous donations from compassionate donors like you are helping us create a better tomorrow for students seeking asylum. 

Kiara is one of the postgraduate students who are incredibly thankful for your kindness. Not only did the scholarship pay for her internet, laptop, phone and travel costs, but it also instilled hope and self-belief. 

"We deserve the chance to tap into our ability and remind ourselves we can start again. I thank you for giving me this chance. The experience changed my life. I have more self-confidence now. The scholarship helped my goals become easier to achieve. It reminded me that I can build a new life and it also gave me a chance to meet new people and enjoy life too."

The support for students like Kiara doesn't stop there. Alumni, students and staff have tackled the steep hills of Sheffield and ran the Sheffield 10k on Sunday 25th September in support of students seeking asylum in the UK.  

Donate today and help us provide these students with the opportunity to reshape their future.

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