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Giving back at reunions

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Giving back at reunions

Ways you can support the Hallam Fund

You and your guests can have a transformational impact on Sheffield Hallam University by coming together to raise money for the Hallam Fund at your reunion.

The Hallam Fund is an opportunity for alumni and supporters to provide support to our student and research community. By raising money for the Hallam Fund as part of your reunion, you and your guests will be enabling students and researchers to overcome barriers, access the best opportunities and take on some of society's greatest issues.

The Hallam Fund has three key areas, and you can choose to donate to where the need is greatest, or pick a key area to support:

Support for students

This area allows you to support students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds, particularly those leaving foster care, students who have carer responsibilities, and students who face estrangement because of their family or financial situations.

Student Opportunity bursaries

If you choose to support Opportunity bursaries, you will be helping to ensure that all students can access career-enhancing and inspiring opportunities regardless of their background and financial situation.

Transformational research

By supporting transformational research, you will be providing grants to ensure our researchers tackle some of the biggest challenges that we face across society today

Fund raising ideas

Make a Class Gift

As a group you can set a target for how much you'd like to raise and encourage attendees to donate towards this. You will then be able to make the donation as a group towards the Hallam Fund.

Hold an auction or raffle

Auctions and raffles can be a fun way of integrating fundraising into your reunion. Prizes can be sourced or donated in advance from attendees, friends and local businesses. An auction will need someone to act as an auctioneer, and money raised through bids can be donated to the Hallam Fund. A raffle can be promoted at the event, with prizes advertised and money from the ticket sales can go towards the Hallam Fund.

Encourage attendees to become regular donors

Supporting the Hallam Fund with a regular gift allows us to plan for the future. You and your guests can give a student who's grown up in an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity the recognition and motivation to progress through their studies – if three attendees set up a regular gift for £15 a month, they will fund a life changing bursary for a current student.

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