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Suki Sehmbi

BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, Class of 2013

Suki is an architectural assistant at NMA Architects in Sheffield.

What happened after I graduated

'Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam, I have been at an architectural practice in Sheffield, learning and understanding how architecture operates in the professional context through situated experience.'

What my job involves

'I am working on a range of residential projects, gaining important insight into what the professional role of the architect involves. I have also been proactive outside work, working on a student architecture competition with a friend, as well as setting up a design collective and running self-build workshops. I am also working on some self-directed academic research in my own time.'

Future plans

'I hope to someday work for myself or with a group of friends, in some sort of architectural endeavour. My short-term goals are to gain as much experience of professional architectural practice as possible, and settle into a good masters course in architecture to continue my education and development.'

How Sheffield Hallam helped me

'The architecture school at Sheffield Hallam has been pivotal in my recent success. The school is special in the respect that it is a small, tight-knit community of students and staff, which creates an environment which is conducive and supportive of daring, critical and creative architectural exploration.

'For me the turning point of my degree was attending a reading group organised by some postgraduate architecture students at the University. This reading group helped me to frame and think about architecture outside the knowledge that was taught in lectures (as valuable as that was). It allowed me to diversify my thinking, encouraging me to approach architecture through a social and political lens, as well as meet students studying other courses.

'Working on self-initiated, student projects in the architecture school has been a highlight of my time at Sheffield Hallam, and helped give me a site through which to practise many of the things I have learnt over the past three years.'

A word to the wise

'Always question what you are told, and don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s so good to be receptive to as many different views and approaches as possible, and to remain open to other people and disciplines, especially outside of architecture. We have so much to learn from them.'

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