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Eliza-Jehane Skill

BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management with Culinary Arts, Class of 2014

Eliza is a new ingredients application developer for Kiril-Mischeff Ltd, which involves coming up with ideas to place new ingredients into the manufacturing, retail and food services.

What happened after I graduated

'I first studied an HND in Hospitality Business Management, after which I completed an internship within new product development (NPD) for a company called Greencore. I was then offered a part-time role with them as an NPD assistant while completing my top up year, and I continued to work for them after university, moving into a job in process.

'I then decided to move into a graduate role, and I went for many interviews including the one at Kiril-Mischeff Ltd. The job offered everything I could want – a chance to develop my own kitchen, to work with a company that prides itself on family, health and business, to travel and see new places, and to understand new recipes, ingredients and trends.'

What my job involves

'Since getting the job I've visited many customers and suppliers and am arranging a big event for March 2015. I've also been developing my kitchen so I can create interesting samples for people to try. Projects I've worked on include Gluten-free Yorkshire pudding for the Waitrose "Free From" brand.

'In work there is always something new to discover, new places to see, new people to meet as the suppliers and customers are always changing. What is big today might not be there tomorrow so keeping up with the trends and fashion of food is most important. At this present moment I am sat on the boarder of France and Germany at a supplier and working on new exciting things with snacks, breads, cheese and meat.

'My career ambitions include developing amazing products for my commercial colleagues to sell, and to give more essence and flare to new flavours coming in. I'd like to work my way up the ladder in Kiril-Mischeff, and to travel with work and find new places with new flavours to introduce to the UK market.'

How studying at Sheffield Hallam helped me

'My studies helped me identify what I wanted to go into. It gave me the skills to understand business models better plus the ability to learn new things that can be done with food.

'In second year of my HND I was able to go and live in America for a year and gain a great deal of experience. I learnt new recipes, new ways of life and made international contacts.

'I also completed a 100 hour internship through the summer which gave me an understanding of how a manufacturing company works and an insight into what I wanted to do as I learned that I had a creative flair for food and was good at creating a dish out of lots of ingredients.'

A word to the wise

'Have the motivation and determination to succeed, and you will! I have chronic dyslexia and through my determination and motivation I left University with a 2.1 degree and I have other experiences that set me apart from other graduates.

'It’s important to get as much work experience and life experience as you can. Employers are not just looking for work experience or just a degree – they want both but they also want you to have some life experience.

'The best advice I can give you if the opportunity arises is for you to take it with both hands and enjoy the ride because you should live with no regrets.'

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