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Lee Duncan

BA (Honours) Business Management, Class of 2012

Professional boxer Lee fit studying a business degree around his sporting commitments. Now he is looking to progress on to masters-level study.

What happened after I graduated

'Before coming to university I was boxing professionally. I had to balance my training (twice a day), academic studies and part-time job throughout my three-year course.

'Upon graduation in 2012, I took a year out to further my career in the sport and gather some work experience through voluntary work and part-time jobs.

'I will return to university in September to further my education and complete an MSc in business and financial management. I then have plans of seeking a graduate scheme with working hours that take my training into consideration.'

What my job involves

'I was selected as one of Britain's best light heavyweight professional boxers to compete in the Maxi Nutrition Tournament by Hennessy promotions which was screened live on Channel 5.

'I have also been busy with the media, working with Channel 5 television doing advertisements. I have also been in the mix with Sheffield Star newspaper, which has been doing a fantastic job publicising my upcoming events.

'I also work with Scott Mitchell at Genting Casino in Sheffield, who have provided me with brilliant sponsorship support, and I will be involved with one of their Las Vegas projects they have in the pipeline.'

How Sheffield Hallam helped me

'During my second year at the University, I won my first title fight. Sheffield Hallam assisted with my preparation. The lecturers were very understanding and flexible with my studies, arranging extra classes and providing me with their out-of-hours time to meet up and bring me up to speed on course content.

'Sheffield Hallam also provided me with the part-time job of being a student ambassador, which was very helpful during my studies. The events team manager Elena Portaluri was fantastic – I owe a lot to her as she was very committed in meeting my needs as a student, athlete and work colleague.'

A word to the wise

'Always believe in your talent and work hard to develop it from a raw state. No one is born with talent – it's achieved from years of dedication, practice and will to succeed.

'Remember, some people want the glory before the hard work. That doesn’t happen. Others want the glory with no work. That never happens! Success is when preparation meets opportunity.'

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